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The QB Family Pays the Price for Ivory

Wed, 2012-10-31 10:15 by Vicki
Qumquat, born in 1969, loved by Amboseli researchers for four decades, gunned down for her ivory. Her family have lost their leader. Qumquat was the first female to give birth in our baby boom. Her daughter was found next to her mother's carcass; we rescued her with the help of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, who will care for her. She is traumatised.

Devastating news from Amboseli. One of our best-loved big matriarchs, Qumquat, was slaughtered by poachers, along with her two young daughters, very close to the border of the Park. Qumquat's youngest daughter was found alongside the carcasses, and we rescued her yesterday with the help of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. She is lucky to be cared for by the expert team at Sheldrick's but she has been through a terrible ordeal. Qumquat's 6-month-old grandson is missing. Apologies for these upsetting images; this is the cruel and bloody reality of the ivory trade.

150 calves now in our baby boom!

Fri, 2012-04-27 06:35 by Vicki
Our 150th calf, born to Zaynab of the ZC family. Zaynab and her new son in the lush green of a rain-soaked Amboseli

We are delighted to hit another landmark in our baby boom. Since the 12th of October, we've now documented 150 births. These calves are thriving, having been born in an above-average rainfall year. It's a delight being around the families, even though the terrain is becoming increasingly water-logged and harder for us to get to the elephants.

Keeping Up with the TCs

Sat, 2012-04-07 09:20 by Vicki
A sleepy Slo in front of the rest of the family The hugest ears and chubbiest calf belongs to Tinsel, a son.

The TC family starred in Cynthia’s book Elephant Memories, and their triumphs and trials through thirteen years have introduced countless people to the wonder of elephant family life.

The Baby Boom Continues...

Wed, 2012-02-22 13:02 by Vicki
ULR12 son of Ulrica, a week old, flaps his ears to cool off on the heat of the plain. Poppy and her 2011 daughter, born in December, cool off together

Here are some of my favourite images of our newest arrivals in Amboseli. The calves are doing well and we're nowhere near the end of the births yet.

Our 100th calf

Tue, 2012-02-07 15:24 by Vicki
Still pink, just four days old.

Geeta's new daughter gave us cause for celebration with her arrival at position 100.

Seventy calves - and counting!!!

Fri, 2012-01-20 14:20 by Vicki

I was thrilled today to find Risa with a new female calf, just outside our camp as I returned from the field. She is a particularly pretty little female, and when I came to my notes, I discovered she's baby number 70 in this baby boom.

I had to share just how sweet she is!

A busy start to 2012

Tue, 2012-01-17 14:05 by Vicki
On Dec 31st we found the lovely Enid with a new male calf, a lovely end to 2011. Barbara and Betts, her newest granddaughter in the BBs.

Hi everyone,

Well the ATE team has been kept incredibly busy during the first three weeks of 2012. The elephants have been in large groups, which keep us on our toes as we try to identify all the families and males present, as well of course as keeping track of all the new calves.

Here are some of my favourite shots of life in Amboseli over the past few weeks of the New Year.

With very best wishes for 2012, on behalf the of ATE team. We thank you for your support as we go into the 40th year of the project.


Film and Photos of the new calves!

Wed, 2011-11-23 14:08 by Vicki
Cerise and her 2011 daughter

hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience; we're delighted to be able to share some images of our new arrivals, via our YouTube channel Amboseli Trust, and on our Facebook page.

The Baby Boom Is Beginning!

Sun, 2011-10-16 06:05 by Vicki
Qumquat with her tiny newborn daughter, flanked protectively by her elder daughters. As the KA family approach, the QBs cluster defensively around the new calf.

The entire team is starting to feel sorry for some of our females; the most heavily pregnant ladies are starting to look quite tired. Not surprising when you consider that in a 22-month gestation, calves do a final growth spurt in the last month or so of pregnancy.

New IFAW Blog Entry Live: The Enigmatic EA Elephants

Sat, 2011-09-10 11:53 by Vicki
Pretty Elkana adopts a typical EA posture - head buried in the Phoenix palms.... ...before, ears flapping happily, she opts for what I like to call the "takeaway" option

I decided to write this month's blog entry about the EAs quite a few weeks ago. Imagine my disappointment then when I couldn't find them, even to take any photos to put up here on the website. As you'll see from the blog post, not getting data on the EA family is something I'm learning to live with, but they just spent about a week right in the centre of Longinye swamp, where any photos I took would just be dark grey blobs on a sea of green.