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Willow and Winnie reunite

Willow and Winnie reunite

The History of the WA Family

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From the early days of our research the WA family has had a very close relationship with the MA family. In fact, from time to time we have been on the point of amalgamating them into one family and then being elephants they split up and went their separate ways for awhile and we were back to deciding they were two families. At the moment they are two families.

The WA family was first sighted on March 26, 1975. They made up a group of six individuals: two adult females, one young female, and three calves--a six-month old, a four year old and a five-six year old. This small group was separate but close to the MA family.

They were on the west side of the Enkongu Narok swamp near Observation Hill so I thought they might be western elephants. In Amboseli the population can more or less be divided into eastern and western elephants with the Enkongu Narok swamp course dividing the two. The subpopulations usually stick to their part of the ecosystem in the dry season but in the wet season elephant families can be found anywhere and the families from both sides of the swamp freely mix together.

It was the beginning of the wet season when I first recorded the WAs. The next time I saw them it was September 1975 and well into the dry season. Now they were in a totally different part of the Park. They were sighted for five more times that year and always on the eastern side, so that first sighting was confusing. They seemed to be northeastern elephants.

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