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Route Map

Route Map

March for Elephants in the US

Sat, 2013-08-24 10:56 by cmoss

One of our Kenyan conservation heroes, Jim Nyamu, will be travelling to the US to lead a march from Boston to Washington, DC to create awareness about the plight of Africa's elephants. The march will start on September 3 and Jim will be speaking at several venues along the way. Jim, who heads up an NGO called Elephant Neighbors, has already walked hundreds of miles for elephants in Kenya. He has a commitment and passion that are remarkable.

We would like to ask you to support Jim on his long march. One thing you can do is join him on part of the march. He is also looking for people to host him along his way and any financial assistant would be welcome as well. Walking long distances can be very lonely especially in a foreign land so if you can help him feel welcome and at home that would be appreciated.

I have attached the route schedule and an accommodation list. Here is a link to Jim's website: It has a contact address for the organizers.

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