Don't post email addresses publicly

Tue, 2007-07-10 19:31 by admin · Forum/category:

The reason is that they are found and taken by harvester bots, then used to send you spam.

The most elegant way around this is to direct people to your contact form on this web site, which doesn't reveal any email address (unless you later reply directly). Note, however, that this works only after the user has created an account for himself and logged on. Example:

Please send us an email.

To create this, enter the following code:

Please <a href="/contact">send us an email</a>.

Of course you can change the text to your liking, as long as the HTML <a ...> tag remains in place.

You can also direct them to your own contact page, by using its web address instead. Go to your own contact page via "My account" and note its address in the address bar at the top of your browser. Then use the part beginning with the slash (/) after the domain name. Example for user 1: Please <a href="/user/1/contact">send us an email</a>.

If you absolutely have to publish the email address of somebody else, who has no account here, there are a few ways around the problem, but all of them render the address not clickable. Write them like one of the following:

  • email: name a t
  • name© or name® (copyright or registration sign instead of the at sign @)
  • n a m e @ d o m a i n . c o m (with many spaces)

You may have to add a comment to instruct readers how to change them into working email addresses.