How to enter text

Fri, 2007-08-17 10:18 by admin · Forum/category:

There are a few simple rules that you can follow to enter nice-looking text, once you have clicked on Create content, Add new comment, reply, or some other link that allows you to write a message.

  1. Do not use the return key to break lines. Lines break automatically.
  2. If manual line breaks have slipped in, you can spot them by changing the width of your browser window while editing the message. Remove them by positioning the cursor at the end of the short line and pressing the Del key until the two lines join. Then press the space key to insert one space between the joined words.
  3. Separate your text into paragraphs. Hit the return key twice to end the current paragraph and begin a new one. One return is not enough for typographically nice paragraph separation. Two returns create a small space between paragraphs. Three or more returns have no effect over and above two returns, so they are neither useful, nor harmful.
  4. You can use certain HTML tags for formatting, if you like. The input format help shows you which. You always need an opening and a closing HTML tag, the latter having a slash. Example: bold text can be created by entering: <strong>bold text</strong>. Note the slash in the closing tag.
  5. If you're not perfectly sure what your message will look like, use the [Preview] button first, but don't forget to use the [Save] button later, otherwise your message will be forgotten.
  6. While entering text, don't click on some other link, because that would instantly discard your text. You can open another browser tab though, open another page there, and later return to the tab where you're still editing. In some browsers you can open a link under a new browser tab by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on the link. This would leave your edit window open under the original browser tab.