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Martyn Colbeck, ace film-maker, and modified Land Rover "Did I take the lens cap off?"

Filming will begin tomorrow on an exciting new documentary series about the Amboseli elephants and the work of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants. The award-winning production company, Mike Birkhead Associates, will take the lead in producing a 13-part series for Animal Planet and the European-based Off the Fence.

The films will follow the lives of individual elephants while at the same time covering the endeavours of the ATE staff to try to save the elephants and the ecosystem. Martyn Colbeck, who is by far the best cinematographer of elephants in the world, will be filming the elephants, and Chris Barker, who worked on the famous Animal Planet series, Meerkat Manor, will be covering the people.

Martyn first filmed the Amboseli elephants in 1989 for the BBC series, The Trials of Life. Over the next 18 years he made, with Cynthia Moss and ATE, three full-length films on the elephant Echo and her family, plus two others that featured the Amboseli elephants. He has also made many other prize-winning films on animals around the world.

The filming will take place over seven months and the series is scheduled to start broadcasting in January 2009.

I look forward to seeing this new series

Mon, 2007-12-10 15:54 by Pete666

Now that I have finally got satellite tv i will be able to watch this series when it comes on. Does anyone know where I can get the Echo series on dvd in the UK?


Found this

Wed, 2007-12-12 08:33 by Hans


You could try to search other online sellers for the title or for "Cynthia Moss". I don't know the UK online market very well, so I can't be of much help.

previously released films about Echo, others elephant films

Mon, 2007-10-08 10:53 by saracowgill

This article says that you all made some other features but it doesn't call out the titles or tell where we can order these or find these films. i got Echo the Elephant from Netflix, but they don't have much more on elephants. I am really excited that the filming has started!! Congratulations!!!
I know I mentioned about the webcam and the response was that the site doesn't have a place for a webcam, but I have another way of looking at it, and I hope I'm not being a total pain in the keester, but what if the question becomes, what kind of webcams will work for this site, and what would they have to do?
For me, elephants don't have to be drinking water to be exciting, they don't have to be giving birth, or dying, or copulating, or fighting. I want to see them lumbering along, the sounds they make talking to each other and the breath, the foot pad making contact with the earth, the sounds of the skin rubbing, the tail swishing. I want to see if they make contact with each other, like family members passing in the hall, or if they try to maintain some distance like people in an elevator.
I keep getting these visions of what feels like "my elephants"; I see these webcams, and they were many set up in different locations; they had sensory activation, so that they turned on when elephants were in the area. Thier presence activated the camera, like saftey lights when you come up the walk. The cam locations were near trees, and had little one foot square solar panels above them. They were tiny things, like iPod size, with a moving/roving eye and automatic focus. I couldn't tell what was going on exactly at this point, but it seemed to be remotely controlled by a team of virtual assistants. That is, I could see people viewing the elephants live, from all over the world. Then there was a big humbug. The problem was the webcams weren't identified in such a way as to pinpoint the exact location of each cam when it became alive, so that when the viewer saw something illegal happening, they did not know how to report it. That is because it was something that had be considered a requirement of the system design from the beginning. It had to be inherent to the design, not an add-on after the design solution.

* I am so dumb. the problem was that the poachers were trying to use the webcams to locate the elephants. maybe it's a neverminder.
Is there a problem still with poachers and elephants?

I don't know why I feel like I have to share this vision. One feeling is that someone is working on the webcam and looking for an application, and the other is that servelience systems are already in place where they aren't wanted, and the technology could be relocated to something a bit more beautiful, like the mighty pachyderm!

Well, you are surely very very busy about the filming that you're doing. I wish we could see some of it-- anything, snipets, along the way. I have no idea how hard it is to drop video packets onto the site-- like maybe would make it easier-- or put it into saleable
bits of dessert for the well-fed parts of the world waiting about for something sweet on which to spend thier allowance.
Say, if you film all day, or you work all day to get 3 hours of footage, and you think 67% will be edited toward the final production, then the rest would be free to make some little blurbs- like "This is Doris, look at her ear", or "she is communicating to her sister" and then put that for sale for $5 and it's one of three or so a day, after so many days, you have $200 worth of video downloads for each of your elephant loving community. I am just thinking that it might pay for fircrackers or whathave you for the not so enthusiastic neighbors who are competing with the elephants for space etc. or for a number of other things you might need- salaries, film, trucks, gas, webcams...

My thoughts and good wishes are with you!
Long may the elephant endure!

Attenborough Wildlife Collection

Sun, 2007-12-30 19:01 by clm1950

I just watched "Africa's Forgotten elephants" on PBS. Check your local TV schedule to see if it is being re-broadcast in your area. It is narrated by Attenborough and Cynthia Moss. It opens with Cynthia and Martyn Colbeck visiting Echo and her family. Cynthia then travels to Uganda, the congo and the desert to see other elephants. It was filmed a few years ago right before Tuskless was killed. It is very informative and enjoyable.

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