Capacity building

Secondary school bursaries ► ATE provides support to promising young girls from communities neighbouring Amboseli, who are often excluded from further education because of relatively high fees and a culture that favors boys. The program aims to finance a maximum of eight girls at any one time. The girls are chosen on the basis of performance in primary school and an interview.

Maasai school kids

University scholarships ► Undergraduate and graduate level support is provided on a three-year rolling basis to two or three promising young men and women from the surrounding Maasai group ranches.

Local and regional training ► Courses have been offered since 1990 to wildlife managers and other researchers from elephant range state countries throughout Africa and Asia. The aim is to share the Amboseli elephant research project’s long experience in approaching, observing and studying elephants. Courses are adapted periodically to train members of the Amboseli-Tsavo Game Scouts Association (ATGSA).

KWS ► The Kenya Wildlife Service endorses the ATE program. KWS maintains the Amboseli national park infrastructure, protects the rich and varied ecosystem and keeps the park’s unique habitat in as natural a state as possible. ATE works hand in hand with KWS by sharing research findings and technical skills, enhancing vigilance and promoting harmonious community relations.