ATE has developed an increasingly authoritative voice in extending its scientific and compassionate understanding of the special qualities of elephants to the world at large. It has made, and continues to make, a major contribution to the changing attitudes of people in Kenya, the other countries of Africa and the rest of the world towards the treatment of elephants in the wild and in captivity.

Ele in sanctuary

Scientific awareness ► Enhanced public awareness worldwide through five full-length documentary films, seven books, eighty scientific publications and forty popular articles.

Compassionate understanding ► Elephants no longer considered just a ivory-on-the-hoof commodity or as objects of entertainment; now widely viewed as intelligent, complex, sentient beings.

Sensible management practices ► Former hard-line interventionist managers are now discussing the management of elephants on a rational, ecologically sound basis, with a strong emphasis on the value of elephants in their own right.

Ethical treatment of captive elephants ► Major influence in ethical debate on keeping captive elephants. See, for example, the widely-promulgated Statement on the Use of Elephants in Circuses.