Amboseli Trust for Elephants (USA) Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Cynthia Moss (Chairperson), Nairobi, Kenya
  • Susannah Rouse, Lewa, Kenya
  • Dr. Richard Leakey, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Donald Young, Nairobi, Kenya
  • Isabella Rossellini, New York, NY
  • Bruce Ludwig, Los Angeles, CA
  • David Breskin, San Francisco, CA
  • Kathryn Heminway, New York, NY
  • Lynn Chase, New York, NY
  • Wilton W. Cogswell, IV, Denver, CO
  • Catherine Grellet, M.D., Los Gatos, CA
  • Nan Buzard, Washington, DC
  • Lia Reed, Jupiter Island, FL

Cynthia Moss Will Chair Board of Trustees

Trustees, ATE-KENYA

  • Dr. Harvey Croze
  • Dr. Cynthia Moss
  • Dr. Joyce Poole
  • Soila Sayialel

The Board of Trustees of the Amboseli Trust for Elephants and the African Elephant Conservation Trust announces that Susannah D. Rouse, founding Chair of the Board of Trustees, is stepping down from that position as of June 1, 2006.

Susannah was instrumental in forming the African Elephant Conservation Trust in 1999, giving the Amboseli Elephant Research Project its first independent US base of operations. Through her generous and unwavering support, that organization grew in both range and scope. The AECT, which now houses the organization's endowment fund, owes a great debt to Susannah and it is no exaggeration to say that we wouldn't be here today without her!

Susannah has taken up full-time residence in Kenya and, although she will remain a member the Board of Trustees, she will no longer be its Chair. We will sorely miss her. All of the Trustees, staff and volunteers send their heartfelt thanks for her years of hard work and inspiration.

Cynthia Moss will succeed Susannah as President of the Board of Trustees. She looks forward to a productive time, working together with the Trustees and supporters in Kenya, the United States and around the world.