Sat, 2007-11-03 14:52 by Hans

One of the beer makes in Kenya, "Tusker", is very popular in the country. Even visiting Germans, beer aficionados par excellence, like it and attest to its good taste.

But there is something to its name that doesn't quite sound right today. "Tusker" is an old word for elephant, used by hunters and meaning the bearer of tusks, in those days the ultimate trophy.

I'm only writing this to bring it back up from the subconscious into our consciousness. I'm not saying that the company making Tusker should change the name, which has a high brand value. But what I wish is that the word Tusker changes its meaning from a commodity animal, to be killed for his tusks, to a fellow being, to be protected and admired for his tusks.

What I would really like is that every bottle of Tusker bear a seal stating that they oppose hunting elephants and the ivory trade and that they bear the name Tusker with the pride of the people of a country where the real tuskers can roam in peace and freedom and where nobody ever kills them again to steal their tusks.