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New user? Look here first:

Where to find information

How to write

Other advantages of being registered

Need more help?

New user? Look here first:

  1. Check the top menu points, i.e. the button row at the top, like About us, for information about ATE.
  2. Home (several pages, scroll down)
  3. Forums
  4. Blogs (several pages, scroll down)
  5. Email Newsletter iconSign up for our Email Newsletter

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Where to find information


If you're looking for specific information, learn to love the search box in the far upper right corner. You can search both for particular words and for users.

With a regular search, if you enter more than one search term, the search module will look for content that has all the terms you've entered. If instead you want either one term or another, join your terms with or. If you're looking for an exact phrase, enclose it in quotation marks, like, "population dynamics".

With Advanced search you can also look for "any of these words" or "this phrase," or both, you can rule out words you don't want, and you can choose content types within which to confine your search.

Home page

Most important recent articles—click on: Home (under [About us]). Scroll down for more articles.

To read an article completely, click on its header or on Read more below it.

When there are more pages, you can click on Next>> at the bottom of the page.


All recent articles—click on: Recent posts

Overview over articles and discussions—click on: Forums


All personal blog articles (all blogs merged into one list)—click on: Blogs

If you prefer to read a single blog, i.e. personal articles from one particular person, after clicking on Blogs you can select the most important ones from the menu.

You can select the blog of any person by clicking on the personal blog link that is under every blog article by that person.

To read an article completely, click on its header or on Read more below it.

When there are more pages, you can click on Next>> at the bottom of the page.

Organizations, etc.

Information about the organizations and their activities—click on the top menu items, i.e. the button row at the top.

Informal chat—click on: Chat and select the real-time chat or the chat forum.

Global table of contents—click on: Site map

How to write

Note: Posting is currently disabled. Only ATE members can write. The following instructions currently do not apply. However, the other advantages of registration, as described in the next chapter, are still there.

To write messages or articles, you have to register first. Registration is automatic and fast.

If you are not yet registered, click on: Create new account and follow the instructions. If the link is not there or leads to an error, then please try again three weeks later. Occasionally the new user registration is disabled while the administrator is away.

If you do not see the link or get an error, another possible cause is that you or somebody else is already logged on in your browser. In this case, if somebody else is logged on, but you want to create a new account for yourself, click on Log out, then proceed again as described in this paragraph.

In case of problems with the first registration and your password, read: Lost password or never got one

Do not insert links to unrelated web sites. Such articles, comments, or replies are instantly deleted and the user is blocked.

For more information on entering text, check the help article: How to enter text

For formatting tips using simple HTML text 'tags', have a look at Editing Tips and Tags and Input formats for HTML code.

Peruse the help forum articles for useful information.

Other advantages of being registered

Registration has other advantages:

  • You now get new and updated tags in the Recent posts list and in forum topic lists that show you which articles you have not yet read. Once you have opened an article, its "new" or "updated" tag disappears. When somebody changes an article or adds a new comment later, a "new" or "updated" tag will reappear, so you cannot miss any new information.
  • You can see the user information of all users by clicking on a user name.
  • You can send and receive emails by using the user contact forms. (Click on a user name, then on Contact.)
  • And several others.

Need more help?

For more help articles click on How to use this web site.

If this article didn't answer your question, please click on Add new comment below and write down your question. Check back later for an answer. It may take a day or two.