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I discovered this website about 18 months ago. After I read the book I just couldn’t forget the TA family. It seems it’s a very caring family. Torn Ear adopted Tonie, who was orphaned at the age of 7 and who is the matriarch of TA today. Tuskless adopted Tom, who was orphaned at 5 when his mother Tania died. Tilly never gave up her crippled son Tito, who sadly died at 6. Tulip took care of Tecla after their mother Tuskless was killed. Tulip and Tefilah took care of Twoo when she was orphaned at only 18 months, who became the youngest calf that survived mother’s death. It is extremely sad that Torn Ear, her daughters Tuskless and Tilly, Tuskless’s son Tuo were all died under human gun.
I kept on searching online for the update news of any member of the TA family. I’m still wondering how are they doing.
Tonie is the matriarch of TA today. I knew she had 5 sons in a row. Did she have a daughter now?
Tulip is 23 now. I knew that she was treated by the Sheldrick Vet unit for a spear wound and soon after that lost her calf in January 2004. Did she have another calf now? It’s very disturbing that anyone would spear such a sweet natured elephant. I’m so delighted to read Cynthia’s October’07 blog. There was a picture of the TAs. Tulip and Tailless looks so well there. Tailless is almost as tall as Tulip now. There is a very small calf in the picture. I’m always wondering who is that?
How are Tecla, Teryl (Tailless) and Tefilah doing? They are all around 14 now. Are they mothers now? I very much hope the TA grows.
Also I am wondering how are the boys doing. I know it is hard to trace the males when they become independent. I particularly want to know how are Teddy, Tom and Tolstoy doing. Teddy looked so massive and Cynthia mentioned he was huge at 33. He is 41 now. Tom is the only survivor in the TB family. I saw Tolstoy ‘s picture in Joyce’s website (I can no longer find it though). His heavy and straight tusks are so impressive. I hope they have lots of offspring that will carry on Torn Ear, Tania and Terisia’s gene.
I read some readers comments that the female calf of Estella’s twin calves had her own calf. Is that true?
I have so many questions. Thanks very much to anyone for answering any of them.
Have a great day

News of the TAs and others

Sun, 2008-01-20 06:44 by cmoss

I'm impressed at how much you know about the TA family. You remember things I have forgotten. I am happy to say the TA family is doing well. Since the tragic death of Tuskless in 1997 there have only been three deaths. The lovely Tilly died in 2001 and Tuo died in 2002, both probably due to poaching. In 2004 Tulip's one-month-old calf died when Tulip was speared. Fortunately, Tulip recovered and lost no time. She had a calf two years later in March 2006. The latest calf born to the family is Tecla's son. He was born in June 2007.

Tonie has proved to be a wise matriarch. Our only regret is that she leads her family to the southern part of the ecosystem and only very rarely comes into the palm woodland where our camp is located. In the old days Tuskless and Tilly came with their calves right into the middle of the camp, feeding around our tents. We miss them. Tonie continues to have sons and still has not had a daughter.

The males born to the T families are also doing well. Teddy, Tolstoy and Tim are very big bulls now and all come into musth regularly. Sadly, Tom died and so there are no individuals surviving from the TB family. From the other three families there are several young males who have gone independent and are growing rapidly.

To answer your final question, the female twin Eclipse has had two calves, one male and one female, and both have survived. The other twin, Equinox, is independent and out in the world of the bulls.

Thank you so very much

Thu, 2008-01-24 00:24 by hge

Thank you so very much for all the information Cynthia! I'm sorry that I didn't reply earlier, as I couldn't log on here the previous 2 days.
"Elephant Memories" is such a great book. I read it many times and often search updated information online. Looking forward to the new book you and your colleagues are writing.
It's great to know that there is no further loss in the TA family. I was devastated when I learned the death of Tilly and Tuo at only 31 and 22 from the filed reports.
I love Tulip the most. Not only she’s as beautiful as Tuskless but also because she’s a good mother. She was born in a drought year but later did remarkably well and had Tailless at only 10. I hope she will have lots of calves.
I noticed that families grow faster if the females had daughters early on. Like the TC and EB. So I hope Teryl and Tefilah will have female calves first. Tonie really did a great job as a matriarch. Giving the fact that she lost her own mother at only 7, then she followed the TA but soon after that Torn Ear was killed.
I’m very happy to learn that Tecla is a mother now. It’s been 10 years since we lost Tuskless. I forgot to ask about Twoo, the little orphan left by Tilly. Hope she’s not a “serious” calf.
Glad to know most ot the T boys are doing well. Sadly Tom has died. There is no offspring left from Tania and Tia. They were both beautiful elephants.
Eclipse’s news is also encouraging. Thank you for your answer.

Thank you very much for your great research work. I will asways support you and your team.

Home Ranges

Sun, 2008-01-20 17:40 by msowers

It's interesting how all the 'T' families have changed their ranging patterns so drastically since the time of Elephant Memories, and it's especially surprising to me that the TAs would. Do the TCs and TDs still only rarely come back from Kimana, and have other families moved to the east like they did? Has there been a pattern that many of the families have moved to new areas since the early days of the study?

And finally, is Theodora the matriarch of the TDs now?


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