Lost password or never got one

Wed, 2007-05-30 17:40 by admin · Forum/category:

This article is about the web site (Elephant Network, Content Management System) password, not the email server password, which is set separately. For the mail server and its password please see: "Mail server - how to use". If you like, you can use the same password on both systems. They are independent.

A few users didn't get their passwords emailed, so their account was created, but they couldn't log on. In this case, of if you've forgotten your password, just click on: Request new password

Now you can either enter your username or your email address. Even if you forgot everything, you can still recover your account by trying each of your email addresses.

A new password will automatically be generated and emailed to you. You can repeat this procedure as often as you want, but only the last email is valid.

The email also contains a direct link to your account, so you may not even need the new password. Instead you can log on directly through that link and then change your password without even using the one in the email.

Another risk is that you or your email provider uses a bad spam filter that always filters out these emails, because it mistakes them for spam. Google Mail, usually quite good at filtering spam, has done that to us already. Check your Spam folder for an email from elephanttrust.

To change your password at any time later, you have to be logged on. Then:

  1. Click on My account (in the left navigation bar)
  2. Click on Edit (at the top)
  3. Enter new password, twice, into the two password input fields
  4. Click on the [Submit] button at the bottom.

That's it. From now on you have to log on using your new password.

Note that you can even change your username.

It's all pretty well thought out, if you ask me. The only problem a few of us had was the one with Google Mail explained above.