The TA Females

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Dear Cynthia and Harvey:

I was deeply disturbed by Tulip’s death. Most of TA family’s adult females were killed by human:

  • Torn Ear was gunned down by poachers in 1976. She was 43. Her youngest calf also died. She had 2 surviving daughters: Tuskless, then 14 and Tilly, only 6.
  • Tuskless was gunned down in 1997 by KWS as a result of false identity. She was 35. She had 2 surviving daughters: Tulip, 13 and Tecla, only 4.
  • Tilly was killed by poacher in 2001. She was 31. She had 2 surviving daughters: Tefilah, 7 and 18-month old Twoo, who miraculously survived her death.
  • Tuskless’s independent son Tuo was also killed by poachers in 2002. He was only 22.
  • Now Tulip was speared to death at only 24. Her youngest calf did not survive. She left only 2 calves: her 14-year-old daughter Teryl and 9-year old son Tylor, who probably has to go independent earlier. Tecla lost her only calf. Twoo was injured as well.

Had Torn Ear not adopt 7-year-old orphan Tonie in 1974, TA would have no adult female to lead them today. Tonie is now the only adult left. The other females are all under 15. I’m very worried about this family.

TA’s females were killed at younger and younger age. Is it only TA that had bad luck or the entire Amboseli elephant population is facing such grim fate? It seems other families are doing better and the total number is growing every year. Echo’s EB is doing well, though they did suffer the spear death of Erin in 2003. Slit Ear of TC lived into her 60s. But I don’t have much information of other families. This is a drought year and I am so worried about Amboseli elephants.

I wish Tulip and her calf didn’t suffer too long. She will always be missed.


The TAs

Sun, 2008-08-03 10:42 by ssayialel

Indeed the TA’s have suffered and have had the worst experience when it comes to conflicts, especially spearing-related. And yes, as it is a drought year, who knows what the future holds for the TAs and all the Amboseli population.

Currently, 12 members is what constitute the TAs family after Tor, a 1990 male, went independent and soon to follow Toby II at 14 years old. The family has had an additional two calves this year by Tonie, who gave birth to a female calf, estimated to have been born on the 16th July 2008, and Teryl gave birth to a male calf, estimated to have been born on the 7th March 2008. Soila and Katito were particularly surprised by the huge size of Tonie’s calf.

Tonie is the current leader of the family and the only older female in the group, shockingly followed by Tecla, Tulips daughter, at only 15 years old. God forbid, should anything happen to Tonie now, who knows what would happen to the others, especially her new-born calf.

The TAs have so far this year been recorded nine times according to the ATE census, the last date being the 22nd July 2008.

Thank you very much for you updates

Sun, 2008-08-03 14:11 by hge

Thank you very much for you updates Solia.
It brought me smile that Tonie had a big calf, her first daughter and little Teryl is a mother now. New births bring new hope. I hope them all doing well. I believe they will.
Tor is really a mama's boy. And seems Twoo is still alive.
Also a relief to learn that other families had better experiences than the TA.
Thank you for your hard work. That is why Amboseli elephants have a chance to have a bright future.

All the best

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