Odile’s trauma strikes again

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Odile guarding her dying calf Odile with spears in 2004

Odile, now in her early 40’s, is estimated to have been born in the 1960’s and is the current matriarch of the OB family. Today the OB family totals to 16 members, with Ottoline [Odile's daughter, born in 1982], being the second oldest female. In 2004 Odile went through a tragic experience when her 2002 male, [two years old calf] was speared by Maasai warriors in Amboseli National Park due to retaliation for reasons which were never comprehended. Not only did Odile lose her calf, she also suffered severe head injuries from spears embedded in her forehead when she was found. KWS vet David Ndeere, based in Tsavo, was flown to Amboseli by ATE director, Dr. Harvey Croze. She was immobilized and the two spears were pulled out, the wounds cleaned and injected with Anti-biotics and Vitamins as well. To everyone’s amazement, Odile recovered after a month and we all thought it a miracle, but she has never been the same Odile we used to know. Elephants never forget.

On the 8th October 2008, we got a report that there was a dying calf near Amboseli Serena lodge. We arrived at the scene, accompanied by a KWS vehicle, and found Odile standing next to her dying calf and obviously agitated by the presence of Maasais standing at a distance. She even got more aggressive when the KWS vehicle tried to get closer and they almost got crashed. We understood her aggressiveness since her spearing, which led to the death of her calf in 2004. She was constantly backing up to the calf checking on it with her soles to see if it was still alive. She was also blocking the dying calf against the scorching sun. Finally she abandoned the dead calf later in the evening of the same day, after staying with it for a whole night and day. There were no visible physical injuries on the calf and the cause of death has never been identified.

so sad....

Tue, 2008-10-14 16:15 by hosi67

How very sad!! I so very much hope that her 'bad luck streak' is over now and she will recover again and move on to more happier times.



Sun, 2008-10-12 22:00 by msowers

Some families just seem to have bad luck, don't they? I was happy to get to spend some time with Odile and the OBs when I was out with Norah this summer and it's sad to hear she's lost another calf. Hope she'll get through it all right and that the family will stay safe.

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