What happens to the tusks of elephants that die natural deaths?

Tue, 2008-12-30 11:48 by schoonie · Forum/category:

I recently viewed the elephant family story by Martyn colbeck on PBS' Nature. My question is this: what happened to her immense tusks? Were, are, they collected and kept at the Amboseli Refuge as relics? I would be surprised if tusks are left at the death scene. Knowing the dollar value of ivory these days, it would seem to me the tusks would be picked up and kept safely; perhaps to be used in some way that would be beneficial to the Refuge's purposes. Thank you in advance for any light you may shed on my question.


Tue, 2008-12-30 14:56 by cmoss

The tusks of elephants that have died are collected by the Kenya Wildlife Service--the government organization that is in charge of the Parks and all wildlife in the country. After being weighed and registered, the tusks are taken to KWS headquarters in Nairobi where they are kept in a strong room. Kenya does not sell its ivory. Two times in the past they burned it. Selling ivory encourages the illegal trade in ivory.

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