Portrait of Ely

Tue, 2010-01-26 12:50 by cmoss
Ely1_22-1-10_Med Ely3_22-1-10_Med Ely2Dusting_22-1-10_Med

Much to our delight Ely seems to be sticking around. We've filmed and photographed him out in the western side of the Park. He is still with the families that spend time in Tanzania and hasn't yet met up with his birth family. We are so happy to see him again. He is very calm and seems to recognize my old Land Rover. He should--it was with him the day he was born and frequently for the next 10 years of his life.

Here are three photos of him looking handsome and then casual. In the third one he is dusting.

Son of Echo

Thu, 2010-01-28 19:42 by Janneke

He looks great and it's good to read how he is dowing now. I still remember the film in wich he was born, so touching and so releaved he finally could walk on his feet. Son of Echo you became a handsome boy....

Enigmatic Ely

Wed, 2010-01-27 22:13 by Jharg

Wonderful to see Ely back in Amboseli albiet not with his own family yet, and such a poignantt time to return, I hope it's not long before the family meet up again. He is such an handsome fella. Thanks for the beautiful pictures of him Cynthia, please keep us updated on his progress.


Wed, 2010-01-27 18:34 by anndwyer

I still feel the sting of grief every time I look at the posted photos of Echo's remains, so thank you so very much for this dose of joy in the form of her magnificent son and his life-affirming reminder of the persistence of survival,
loyalty, heredity and love. And I thank Ely for his well-timed appearance.


Wed, 2010-01-27 13:23 by hge

What a morning delight to see these pictures. Thank you!


Wed, 2010-01-27 09:00 by suguta0

He looks wonderful! Echo would be proud. Thank you for these lovely pictures


Wed, 2010-01-27 04:22 by Pete666

certainly is a handsome young elephant. I too can imagine that he will be a magnificent mature bull in 20 or 30 years time. Is it known who his father was? Dionysus perhaps?
Many thanks Cynthia for posting the pictures.



Wed, 2010-01-27 02:54 by msowers

I can't help but imagine how even more handsome and awe-inspiring he could be 20-30 years from now. And I know the researchers and supporters of the project will work their hardest to see that happen.


Tue, 2010-01-26 21:56 by Donna

He is SO handsome. Thank you, Cynthia.

Portrait of Ely

Tue, 2010-01-26 13:34 by 4echo

Awesome pics of a magnificent elephant.
Thank you Cynthia

Ely returns!!!!!!!

Sun, 2010-02-28 17:04 by Espresso

WOW. So great to see him now a days. Its been a while. Ely has grown into a huge male elephant that looks like he gets all kinds of ladies!!!! So nice to see him again.

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