Raymond Rumsey's Funeral

Mon, 2010-03-01 16:17 by hcroze
Katito and Nyanka A pastor holds forth Soila and Shaka

Cristina and I flew down for the service in Oloitokitok last Saturday. Here are a couple of images to share.
The service was fine, as such things go. We arrived too late to hear the eulogy of Raymond's grad school friend, Scott Allen, but got the tail end of Mr. Githinji's thoughtful tribute.

Almost on sitting down, I was handed the mike by the gentleman waving his hand and said some few words about good and evil and reminded everyone that whatever your persuasion, the Golden Rule rules OK (religion is sooo easy!).
And then the tedious pastors took over. I counted at least three, maybe four if you include the OK guy who led us in a couple of old favourites in Kiswahili. Two of the men of the (frayed) cloth blatantly advertised their respective parishes The third -- obviously the venerable main attraction -- took us through three, no four readings plus interpretations of turgid verses of the Good Book: Paul to the Corinthians, Revelations, you name it. Pompous, self-serving, supercilious, came to mind. Poor Katito was going spare watching the rainclouds gather and listening to the blather about grieving being some kind of sin. The rain started and dampened the pastors to a welcomed silence. Katito retreated into mum's house and eight pallbearers took the coffin away to the burial site in the family plot before the hole filled up with water. All the nephews, Ntawuasa included, bore the burden.
Katito said she couldn't take it, so we retreated into the house and were engulfed by a warm human presence of many wonderful mamas and babies and elders sitting and nodding and murmurring around the room. There, my friends, if anywhere, is where God was at work that day.
Purity was there, bless her. Drove down and back for the occasion, as did KWS Southern Division Director, Wilson Korir. All the friends and family, of course, and the kids, Nyanka and Shaka, bigeyed and solemn. We just hugged them and said all the elephant people were always there for them if they need us.

That's it. What more to say. Too much already.

The loss of Raymond

Sat, 2010-05-22 12:23 by Glen_P

It is a sad day when ignorant people take the life of people they fear that will change themselves. When people refuse to change themselves for the better and there fellow man have tried and tried God has away of intervening. So have faith my friends, Raymond's death will not be forgotten and God has a special place for him. The ignorant assailants will be tended to by our savior so we can go on with our lives and remember the man who has touch the hearts of us all the way we should remember him.

I did not know the man but when you see his picture online the smile says a thousand and his face reveals much wisdom. May God bless you all .



Thu, 2010-05-20 23:28 by Laura Terán

I feel so sorry about the dead of Katito´s Husband. She is great and i hope she will be recover soon. God Bless her family.

So very sorry

Tue, 2010-03-02 22:35 by Jan

I'm so very sorry to hear the news. Such a devastatingly sorrowful time for Katito and her family. However, Katito is a strong woman, like her mother, and in time she will over come her sorrow. I'm sure the elephants will notice a difference in her the first time they see her back, and they will help her gain her strength. Stay strong Katito, we love you.

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