Severe atrocities on Elephants in Kerala, India

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Respected Gentlemen,

This is not a request or even an awareness. This is a call for immediate action against the culprits who called themselves Elephant lovers and Mahouts.

Kerala, India has a long tradition of caring and nurturing elephants and there is no end to the legends of their glorious past. Recently, the case of Elephant madness is on the rise, of course due to the greed of people who own them.

I am writing this on behalf of one Prakash Shankar who is said to be one of the elegant elephants related to Guruvayoor temple, Kerala who is killed after very serious abuses by his own ‘CareTakers’. The incident occurred in Kerala, amidst the so-called Most Educated and Civilised People of India.

Local dailies have reported the incident with due importance, but nobody has yet raised a finger for him. It is said in the dailies, as his two legs were smashed with axe, his tongue is torn; his body is being severely hit by stone wrapped in a cloth. When he was dying his body was full of swelling. It is the most horrible death only a man can design. Elephants are said to be the most intelligent, gentle and loving animals of earth. People take advantage of their gentleness and make them beasts of burden.

When festival season begin in Kerala, these huge creatures are walked through busy highways and roads for hundreds of kilometers under the scorching sun, while the mahouts will be sleeping upon them most of the time. The mahouts, most of them are enjoying the job as hereditary, always will be drunk. They forget to give food and water to their wards while on doze. These poor creatures usually find their own food from coconut trees and by the goodwill of some spectator.

Without having any trust in the prevailing laws of country, and not being pessimistic, I can say that the culprits in the case of Prakash Shankar are still there to spell their wrath upon some other silent creatures. I have already contacted some PETA people in Kerala, through telephone. But “Nobody has Heard” anything about this incident, while it was even broadcasted live thru tv channels.

Catching of Elephants and their so-called training at Aana Kalaries should be banned by strict laws. Do they have no equal rights with Tigers and Monkeys of India? They have no one to speak for them, while every street dog is taken cared. The increase in the cases related to the Madness of Elephants show it is high time to stop this cruelty called elephant nurturing. The madness of this very silent creature lead to many deaths of Mahouts as well as spectators . The incident of Prakash Shankar occured in December. 2009.

Calling for an immediate action


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Thu, 2010-04-15 14:08 by SilentScreams

Please read more about our situation here ; (Reference to Prakash Shankar's Owner) (Thodupuzha, India.Jumbo show ends in tragedy) (Indian animal advocates beaten) (Another Fatal Assault) (A video on assault)

I am very much astonished to

Tue, 2010-04-13 14:42 by SilentScreams

I am very much astonished to find out that very much active services are running for elephants in Africa. Here, In Kerala, Everybody callls themselves an Elephant-Lover, still do not bother to see the facts. All they need is to find an Elephant, fully adorned infront of some Temples or Processions. They do not care about how these creatures are severely abused in the name of training. There is not an active Elephant Saving community here. The Communities that are working for Elephants, only find their voice for elephants which are in captive of Temples and Industries. None of them argue to stop capturing elephants from Forests. Is it possible to start caring Elephants here, like you do in Africa?

You are already starting

Tue, 2010-04-13 17:19 by Hans

Some people who do care will find your articles through web search.

African elephants do not have a history of being tamed and put to work, but they are being killed outright, for their tusks. The other main problem is their shrinking habitat, because humans want to use ever more of it.

To give back some rights to the elephants is a long and arduous task, but we have to try. I wouldn't know where to start in India, but perhaps one of the first steps is trying to get attention from the general audience and from politicians.

If you want to get involved in this, the Internet is a good place to start, because you can reach many people without having to spend a fortune, just by writing and perhaps by photographing.

My personal experience is very limited, but the more knowledgeable people here will answer questions and give advice, if they can.

India and Elephants

Thu, 2010-04-15 06:04 by runningstream

The horror of what this person described must move all of us to action. Hans, would like to know which Indian govt. officials or local jurisdictions, i.e. village elders we can convey our outrage and concerns to.
Are we to respond directly to this person, or, might this information come via the elephant trust site?
Thanks in advance,

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