Human-wildlife Interaction

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I've taken the liberty of broadening the topic that Jan entered into with her remarks on chili as an elephant deterrent by calling it Human-Wildlife Interaction. Jan's comment is preserved below. The usual designation 'human-elephant conflict' or HEC has rather a negative ring; we'd love to see it morph into 'human-elephant coexistence'.


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Chili as an elephant deterrent

Thu, 2007-07-05 08:16 by hcroze

Do any of you elephant experts out there know if there is a specific kind of chilli that elephants hate? I am trying to get chilli seeds to take to Kenya with me the end of July, hopeful to help stop the crop raiding in the Kimana and Serena areas. If the people can grow chillies which can be made into chilli ropes and smoke bombs it might be some help. Tabasco chilli seeds are hard to come by but I can get Habaneros and Malaga Bird which supposedly are two of the hottest type seeds. Does anyone think these two types would work?

If Harvey is reading, I got your elephant picture mouse pad for you and will bring it.


Chili works

Thu, 2007-07-05 08:25 by hcroze

There's been quite a lot of work done on chili as an elephant deterrent, including our own collaborators, Winnie Kiiru, John Kioko and Petter Granli. Have a look at the relevant section of our Ambosei Biosphere Reserve WikiProject (click here for a brief description), or open the pdf file attached to intro of this topic (above, or here). The reference is: W. Kiiru, J. Kioko and P. Granli (2006) Mitigating human-elephant conflict in the Amboseli ecosystem, Kenya: Summary testing of deterrents Year 1. AERP HEC Project report to US Fish and Wildlife Service, 6p.

As an aside, it is interesting to note that the US Fish and Wildlife Service declined to support the second year of the HEC work. Reason: it worked too well! The farmers were hugely grateful that we'd taught them such effective skills to protect their shambas (small holdings). With hindsight, USFWS behaved quite correctly: it was contrary to the mandate of the programme to provide ways and means for non-wildlife enterprises to penetrate deeper into the ecosystem.


PS: looking forward to my very own mousepad. Have been very jealous of my colleagues!

Chili works

Sat, 2007-07-07 11:57 by Jan

Thanks Harvey for the link.

Seeds are on the way! Lets hope and pray that they really will help people around Amboseli better co-exist with our elephant friends.

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