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Hi, I was on David Sheldrick Orphanage page and found info on a female elephant named Sian. She had been born to Soila, a 23 year old. Well I subtracted 2006(the year she arrived) - 23 and got the year 1983. I was also wondering if Soila was born to Shirley, the matriarch but Smithie was also born in 1983 and was born to Smithie. Could Smithie and Soila be twins or was Soila born to someone else? And if so what was the name of the elephant that gave birth to Soila the same year as Shirley had Smithie.
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Wed, 2010-09-22 11:53 by suguta0

I'm sure you will be aware that Sian died in June of this year. She had been cared for for over four years by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, since being rescued, but had a birth defect that eventually took her life. However, her four years there were good ones, loved and cared for by her human family and also by the other orphans.


Wed, 2010-09-22 12:07 by DFord

I know Sian has already died but does Velvet???

I believe Eclipse and Equinox

Tue, 2010-09-21 23:27 by msowers

I believe Eclipse and Equinox are the only set of twins recorded at Amboseli, so if Soila and Smithie are the same age they must have been born to different mothers.


Tue, 2010-09-21 22:31 by velvet

Sorry the sentence: "Smithie was also born in 1983 and was born to Smithie. The last word in that sentence, Smithie, was actually appose to be Shirley

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