The films of Echo and family

Sun, 2010-09-26 10:29 by Laura · Forum/category:

I have written to the BBC to ask if they were going to release the 4 films of Echo on DVD to buy. They have no plans however if a lot of people email them asking for this they might change their minds - so please could you email: DVDenquiry© and ask them to release it.


Films on Echo

Sun, 2010-09-26 13:41 by Pete666

I don't know if you are aware of this but the first 3 films are available on dvd but not on region 2 (unfortunately). It's a 2 disk set called "Echo and other Elephants" which is on region 1.
When this was first announced I too contacted the BBC to ask if it was going to be available on region 2 dvd but got much the same reply as you have.
If you have a multi region dvd player then this may well be of use to you.

All the best

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