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Congratulations to all who have worked hard getting this site up and going. It is an astronomical opportunity to educate people that may not know much about elephants, search on elephants, find this site and convert them into elephant lovers - and future donors.

Getting up to date information about what is going on with elephants can only help their cause. The story of the elephants stuck in the well is a good example. We want to know what is happening - good and bad.

Though I know how busy you all are with your daily routines, I would encourage all of you experts to contribute as much as time will allow by sharing your personal stories of your own interaction with some of your favorite elephants (such as Joyce telling of playing catch with Joshua) - not too technical though - just heart felt stories. It will attract many people who know nothing about elephants, but who will begin caring for them because of you. Once they start caring - they will think differently about buying that little ivory bauble from eBay and instead become crusaders on behalf of elephants.

Because of your time restraints, if there are eight of you, perhaps one person a week could be "assigned" the duty of posting stories and answering questions thus allowing the rest to continue with your normal routines and at the same time keeping the site interesting and up to date.

I search regularly on amazon.com and other sites for up to date books on elephants, and there really isn't much out there. This site is an excellent way of getting the news out. I have great hopes for it.

Thank you all,


Thu, 2009-10-22 19:59 by Hans

The domain name has changed to the more appropriate elephanttrust.org a long time ago, and we are now giving up the elephanttrust.net alias domain name. Please see here for a few more details.

Of course the web site itself is not affected and will keep working without any change.

Wonderful New Site

Thu, 2007-06-28 02:12 by msowers

I agree with Jan that this site is a great resource and I am excited about hopefully being more connected to the project through it. Any information from the field is always great to hear.

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