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Is Echo's sister Ella now the established matriarch of the whole EB herd? I have been trying to find out which of the girls from Echo's family became leader, but I've read different accounts such as, it's Eudora, or Enid, or perhaps even Eliot, could be Ella etc etc. So I'm a bit confused now.

I do realize that prior to Echo's death, Ella went off with some of the herd, but returned to one of the sub groups after her sister and leader died. However, nothing seems to be definite about her status as EB matriarch. Perhaps I missed something. I'd really like to know for sure. I do hope the whole EB herd has reunited and become one again, after the demise of their great matriarch Echo.

Also does anyone know how Enid is coping at present? She did go into deep mourning and displayed obvious signs of grief after her mother died. I hope she's worked her way through the grieving process, with the help and love of her family and has come to terms with Echo's passing.

I'd certainly appreciate some updates regarding these issues. Thanks guys.

The EB Family Today

Sun, 2010-10-10 18:02 by cmoss

Ella has come back to the family and acts as the new matriarch. The whole family has been together for many months now. Ella still separates from time to time with just her sub-group, but she is never very far from the others. On these occasions Eudora takes over. Edwina also breaks off with her four daughters but more often than not she is with the family. Enid has recovered slowly, but I get the impression that the loss of her mother still affects her.

The EB Family Today

Mon, 2010-10-11 07:29 by maryea46

Thank you Cynthia for your response to my post, re Ella and the position of EB matriarch.

It seems from what you say, that the herd is sharing matriarchal duties now, particularly when leader Ella separates from the group occasionally. This fact demonstrates some structure in the herd. I'm so pleased and relieved to hear this. I was concerned after Echo died, because the family seemed to fragment, but it now looks as though there's a definite form of order beginning to emerge. That's good.

I wish Enid well. She was very close to her mother Echo.

2 Very Moving Moments: conveyed by C. Moss & Enid...

Sat, 2010-10-09 17:06 by Her Lao

Even as a man who has never invested much time in any thing, other than basic education (teaching human youth to add, subtract, do chemistry, mathematics, and physics problems at the high school), I shed tears every time I see the short clips of Cynthia Moss shedding tears over Erin's body, gently caressing her trunk and tusks, like Erin's mother, Echo, would have done (indeed, as she deed, as noted by Martyn Colbeck, in the reflection piece with Attenborough, only a few days before, when Erin was still standing, albeit already weak from pain and hunger)... saying.... at least now Erin won't feel any more pain...

(I realize how cruel we humans can really be, to not just ourselves but also other creatures --- who, though their habitats overlapped ours, seem to have a different set of trajectories --- despite our enormous intelligence and our capacity for doing great things, epitomized in people like Cynthia Moss, Daphne Sheldrick, Diane Fossy, Jane Goodall, Birute Galkikas, et al.)

I remember crying, as a small boy a life time ago.... when my big, beautiful pet rooster chicken died; another time I remember crying was when my little baby rabbit died. It needed milk, not the green vegetable that I was only able to afford him...

But I guess with these incredibly big, intelligent, and majestic animals --- who are able to mourn for their losses, in such an easily identified manner --- it must be very hard for people like Cynthia Moss (who have spent their whole lives getting to know these giants, who, indeed, grew old with them, roughly at the same rate)... not to be emotional at a certain sad, tragic moment...

The second highly moving moment was seeing Enid standing... (like she could have been, for all we know, for long strecthces of time, even before the camera crew arrived on the scene)... with her eyes closed, with wet liquids/tears?, coming out of ther eyes.... munching slowly, by a place Cynthia Moss, et al said was where Echo's body/bones had been....with her one older calf standing a few feet away and with her small baby suckling on her..... everywhere around her was dust and blowing sand...

And to know that this young, mourning mother and daughter, now.... was the young teen who came rushing back to her little cripled brother (who's now a giant bull), Ely --- when she could have headed off to feed, with the other family members --- when he cried out in pain and frustration.... after 2-3 days of struggling to get up to suckle on Echo... came rushing back to stand, flanking her mother Echo, protecting Ely....

... I wonder if Cynthia Moss, Martyne Colbeck, Attenborough, et al. were just juxtaposing these clips and writing moving narration for them...

... Because if these were true/authentic events... then, sadly, as Henry David Thoreau most eloquently put, in the 1850s and 60s, we are....today at the beginning of the 21st century.... living, TRULY, in the nick of time.... among the last to witness the LASTs of these highly intelligent, giant, and majestic creatures, whose formerly vast habitats are now all taken/reduced to a few small, isolated national parks.... as homo sapiens population pushes for the 10B mark, in less than 3 generations...when we were about 1B in the early 1800s...

Echo Film

Sun, 2010-10-10 17:54 by cmoss

Thank you for your appreciation of the film. I can assure you that all the events were authentic and filmed as they happened. Thank you also for your concern for elephants.

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