Last Day to Enter a Name for Erica's Calf

Sun, 2010-10-31 07:35 by cmoss

It's the October 31, the last day to submit a name for Erica's calf. So far I have 57 names, all of which are excellent possibilities. We're going to have a very hard time choosing the winner.

It's Only Befitting That Erin,

Wed, 2010-11-17 17:44 by Her Lao

whose life was cut short by her wounds due to poaching/or local cattle herders --- in 2003, when she was still nursing her 20 month old son Email (whom I hope is growing big now) --- should have become one of her beloved mother, the late Echo's most fecund elephant daughters, indeed, one of the great mothers at Amboseli.

Going by PBS's "Echo Family Tree", I see that only Erin's son, Edgar, died as a small, 3 year-old calf; but the rest of her children --- Edwina, Eleanor, Erwin, Echeri, Erica, & Email --- are alive, and with Erica's latest boy being a big boy who's recently named ERROL and also with Edwina's daughter Europa giving birth to her own first calf, which makes Erin a GREAT, grandmother (she's born 2 years after I was and she's a great grandmother and I don't have any kid!).... it seems that Erin's has done a marvelous job in extending the life cycle of this incomparably majestic creature, the Elephant, a few more generations, despite mankinds seeming determination, in some deeply INEXPLICABLE WAYS, to wipe them off of the face of the earth...

Again, I could never forget seeing Cynthia Moss shedding tears over Erin, lovingly caresssing her trunk, which had only recently stopped being a lively organ of 40K intricate muscles, an organ of a majestic creature which took evolution 10s of millions of years to perfect and a creature which may disappear from the face of the earth within the next 100-200 years, with perhaps the exceptions of a few dozen specimen meandering in zoo enclosures of 200x300sq.ft.

It is also good to hear updated, positive news on Enid, who helped her beloved mother Echo save Ely --- who is now a giant in his early twenties and still growing, hopefully growing to be similarly large like Dionysus, whom I assume to be Ely's father?, since I saw a clip, with Attenborough narrating, with Dionysus interacting with Echo (who had a small calf at the time), when he came over to shoo her away from some palm leaves he himself wanted to eat....

It's good that Enid has rejoined her big family after some months of mostly solitary (except for her two kids) grieving over her mother with whom she seemed to be particularly close throughout her life, unlike her other brothers and sisters who are more independent...traits so typical of us humans, with some siblings being so much emotionally attached to her mothers throughout their lives than others, although all may be equally loved and loving...

Erin's Legacy

Thu, 2011-10-27 07:18 by Elephant2011

I remember watching an episode of 'Echo of the Elephants' when Erin died. It was terribly upsetting and i wish she was still with us today. I am so happy to be told that Erin's offspring are doing well in the family. Erica's baby boy Errol is very lucky to have been born in such a loving family with lots of maternal care.

I wish Errol a happy development :)

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