The History of the DA, DB and DC Families

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Delia in October 1973

The ‘D’ females and the families they make up have always been something of a mystery. In fact, the Ds have a history of doing things elephants are “not supposed to do". In the beginning the Ds were thought to be one family. What was eventually designated the DA family was photographed on the very first day of the study on September 1, 1972. Two adult females were present: a large old matriarch whom we named Dorothy and a much younger female we called Dinah. The next time this family was seen on August 4, 1973 there was a third adult female present and she was photographed and named Delia. Over the next few months other females were seen in association with the D females but always in a variety of odd combinations. One female was seen only once and then disappeared. She is simply referred to as the "D female".

It was not until 1974 that I had some idea of who belonged to the family. It looked like this:

  • Dorothy Large adult F
    • 3-4 year old calf ?
    • 6-7 year old female calf F
    • Adolescent male around 10 M
  • Dinah Adult F
    • 2 year old male calf M
  • Delia Adult F
    • Adolescent male around 12 Young M
  • Deborah Adult F
  • Diana Young F
  • Daphne Young F
  • "D female" Adult F
  • Male—around 15 Young M

To read the whole history, download the attached PDF file.

DA_DB_DC Family History2.pdf507.43 KB

Fascinating behaviors

Mon, 2012-02-13 20:25 by echo2009

I do not stop fascinating myself with the incredible and unpredictable behavior of these big animals. I wonder for what some females of this family they gave birth to such an early age. I hope that Deborah continues taking care of theirs and also of the descendants of Delia and Quilla. I sit very much her loss.

D Family

Sat, 2010-12-18 20:44 by Espresso

Hello Cynthia Moss,
May I ask that this is one of your best Family History's you have made yet. Now, I just have a few questions that Im going to ask you:
What are Qasmira's calves, grandcalves etc?
Second, what are Qarla's calves and grandcalves?
And finally, what are Qapella's calves and grandcalves?

I thank you for all you have done and if you can please answer my questions, I would really appreciate and admire them.
Again, Thank you so much for your hard work you have done and the hard work of making this Families History's.
Thanks Again,

DC Calves

Sun, 2010-12-19 06:45 by cmoss

Qasmira never had a calf. She was one of only two older adult females who did not reproduce. The other was Paula.

Qarla presently has one calf, born in 2004, Quithing. We recorded her with one other calf, a female, in 1994, but that calf died in 1996. We suspect Qarla had other calves who died and we never recorded. The DCs spent most of their time in Tanzania and we didn't see them for long stretches of time.

Qapella has not yet been recorded with a calf. She is only 15 years old.

Thank you for your kind words about the history and our work in Amboseli.

DC Calves

Sun, 2010-12-19 18:48 by Espresso

Thank you Cynthia for the report and answering my questions. Now if Qapella ever has a calf you record may you please inform me about it? Anyways, Thank you so so so much! And finally on your history report it says Quartz, Quilla's calf, had Quithing?? Is it Qarla or Quartz? And if the calf is Qarla's then has Quartz ever had a calf since shes 19?


Mon, 2010-12-20 10:26 by cmoss

It is correct in the story. Qarla died. Quartz is the mother of Quithing and this is the only calf we recorded for her.

Quilla, and calves

Thu, 2010-12-23 19:37 by DFord

In your wonderful history report Ms. Moss, you said she had her first known calf, "Qasmira" in the year of 1968. Then you said she had her next calf, Qarla in 1981. From 1968-1981, did Quilla have any offspring, that either died or stayed with the QB family when Quila, and her offspring went with the DC's? And what are there names and the year they were born? Thank you so much and have a wonderful, very, merry christmas to you and the Amboseli elephants team!
Merry Christmas!
Thank you,
Darby F.

Diana and Daphne

Thu, 2011-01-20 17:33 by Chris Sandusky

When were Diana and Daphne born since they were "twins"?

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