The History of the EB Family

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I first met the EBs in August 1973. I was with my colleague Harvey Croze, who helped set up the Project. At the time we were working part-time on the study based in Nairobi. On that trip we photographed several families, and among them was a female with bony shoulders who carried her head low. We found this "head-low female" again in November of that year and photographed her along with an older female who had two U-shaped tears out of her right ear. I saw these two females together several more times over the next months. It appeared that they belonged to a small family consisting of about seven members.

In April 1974 Harvey and I put radio-collars on three adult females in the population. At that time we did not know the population well and thus we simply chose the animals opportunistically, trying to find matriarchs from different parts of the Park to determine their movements and distribution. We decided to start in the East. We went to the Longinye Swamp and the first group we came upon happened to be the family with the "head-low" and "U-nicks right" females. We chose the oldest female, the matriarch, and Harvey shot her with a dart containing an immobilizing drug. The collar was quickly secured, some measurements taken, and then she was given an antidote which took affect very rapidly. In a few minutes she was up on her feet and in less than half an hour she was back with her family. We were fascinated to see that the family, although very frightened, would not leave the scene but rather waited about 200 meters away watching nervously. On this day we were able to get a good look at the family and note down the age structure. There were two adult females, two adolescents--a male and female, and three calves--one about two years old, another about five years old, and the third about six years old.

We hadn't yet assigned the family an alphabetical code nor had we given the females names. Because we often saw these elephants closely associated with the family that we had already assigned the code EA to, we assigned them the code EB. We named the matriarch with the radio collar "Echo" because of the sounds her collar was making, and the second female "Emily". Echo was the female with the two U-shaped nicks, and Emily was the "head-low female".

To read the full history of the EB family open the attachment.

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Thank you, you have changed my life

Wed, 2012-02-15 23:46 by echo2009

From child I have been a great lover of the animals, but since I knew the history of Echo and his family and later the work that you do in Amboseli for so much time, my life has changed completely. I have adopted to the cat that goes out in the photo of my profile, collaborate with one protective of animals and have begun my ranger's studies. I have taken the firm decision to dedicate my life to protecting to the animals and his ecosystem and everything is thanks to you and to the precious work that you do in Amboseli. Please never stop working for the elephants, you give me forces to continue forward.

A strong embrace for all.

History of the EB family

Tue, 2011-02-08 05:50 by maryea46

Thank you for this very interesting history of Echo and her EB family. It makes great reading.

I sincerely hope Enid has resolved her grief now, over her mother Echo's passing in 2009.

Cheers to all


Wed, 2011-01-26 22:40 by Donna

Thank you, Cynthia. For most of us, this is most likely a favorite family.

A young Echo

Wed, 2011-01-26 23:00 by Anna Martinsson

2nd that comment Donna, was looking forward to reading about the EB’s and it is incredible how much of their own unique drama has been captured on camera for the world to see and learn. Echo and her family did far more then anyone could possible have imagined back in the early days when you're talking to the BBC about raising the awareness about the true cost of the ivory trade. That is what I think Echo’s amazing and lasting legacy... Also great to see the picture of her without her trade mark crossed tusks ! A young Echo..

I had also always wondered

Thu, 2011-01-27 01:59 by msowers

I had also always wondered what Echo had looked like as a young matriarch all those years ago. She was very beautiful back then too- I see quite a resemblance to her daughter Eliot, but that may just be me. Hope the family continues to get good leadership from Ella and Eudora for many years.

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