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If you feel strongly about the future of elephants, particularly our very special population in Amboseli and the work ATE is doing to understand and protect them, why not consider becoming an Amboseli Elephant Sustainer?

If just 1,000 of our website visitors would make a modest recurring donation, say, the price of a couple of cappuccinos, it would meet our core operating costs.

A good number of Elephant Sustainers making small but steady weekly contributions via their credit or debit card would enable ATE to plan more effectively around long-term costs such as the work of our dynamic Maasai women field team.

For over three decades, Cynthia Moss has been travelling to the USA to make or renew contact with a small but loyal group of individual and foundation donors to raise enough cash to keep our elephant conservation and research work going. Our 'regulars' still provide terrific encouragement and support, but this year, due to the financial crisis, we are in a serious cash situation.

We have had to make significant cutbacks in our vital outreach to the Maasai community -- bursaries for school girls, scholarships for promising young university candidates, consolation for loss or injury from human-elephant encounters -- just to be able to pay salaries of the field team and fuel for the field vehicles.

We need to be more efficient and effective in our fund-raising, and help Cynthia to spend less time on the road and more time overseeing the vital work here in Amboseli: securing corridors for elephant in the ecosystem, maintaining the project's uniquely strong science base, and adding her influential advocacy voice to international campaigns for elephants and ecosystems.

A very small donation of $3 to $10 per week from 1,000 Amboseli Elephant Sustainers would enable our conservation and research to continue uninterrupted without fear of a cash crisis. The Sustainers would be actively participating "to ensure the long-term conservation and welfare of Africa's elephants in the context of human needs and pressures through scientific research, training, community outreach, public awareness and advocacy" (our mission).

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Echo's grandchildren:
their future is in our hands

A sustaining donation is very easy to set up. Click on the Click&Pledge button on the left sidebar: that will take you to our Click&Pledge page. Or, if you prefer PayPal, follow the link on the left side. The minimum amount you can enter in Click&Pledge is US$ 40. But if you want, for example, to donate $5 per week, click on 'Make my payment recurring' and select every '2 Months'. If you want to sacrifice two cappuccinos a week, you could select '1 Month'. Whatever you decide.

We've seen over the years that donating is an act of hope and of trust. The trustees and staff of ATE feel a weighty sense of responsibility to be the stewards of such hope on behalf of the elephants. Our team is deeply committed to respecting the trust you place in us. We in turn hope that you will help us sustain the Amboseli elephants now and into the future -- a future we are now measuring in the lifespan of the calves that will be born tomorrow.

Sustaining ATE

Mon, 2011-01-31 21:26 by Donna

I would encourage each of you to support this work. You will find it gives you a great deal of satisfaction, not to memtion helping to save the Amboseli elephants for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to love and enjoy.

Monthly Donations

Tue, 2011-02-01 15:56 by denver

I've been making monthly donations to ATE for several months now via a credit card that I pay off every month. Once the PayPal option is up and running, recurring donations will be even easier to budget for. You can have a small amount deducted from your bank account at regular intervals.
Cynthia and her colleagues have provided invaluable research, public awareness, and protection for the Amboseli eles and the ecosystem for some 37 years now. I'm not a biologist and I don't have any qualifications to work in the field but I do get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I can make a meaningful contribution to this work through my financial support.
Disclaimer: I'm married to a Smithie so I do get extra credit at home. :-)

Many thanks...

Wed, 2011-02-02 02:38 by hcroze

... Donna & Denver, for your kind words and continuing support. If more friends like you pitch in as Sustainers, we could stop worrying about fuel prices and field staff salaries and get on with the work. I have a feeling it will happen!
(I'll talk to the committee about extra credits. Shouldn't be a problem. Harvey, Amherst '64)

Thanks, Harvey. I never

Mon, 2011-02-07 03:47 by denver

Thanks, Harvey. I never decline an offer of extra credit!


Mon, 2011-01-31 19:16 by clm1950

Are you going to get a Paypal account or do you already have one and I just can't locate the link?


Tue, 2011-02-01 14:06 by hcroze

Done. Hans has moved the PayPal donate button to a prominent place on the sidebar. Thanks to him and thanks to you for being the catalyst to get the job done. Best, Harvey

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