Oakland Zoo Event - May 21

Sun, 2011-05-15 18:37 by cmoss

The Oakland Zoo has been supporting the Amboseli Elephant Research Project yearly for 15 years through its Celebrating Elephants Day at the zoo. They have raised over $200,000 for us over those years and that support has been crucial and very much appreciated.

Each year they get a elephant specialist to speak as part of the Celebration. This year Winnie Kiiru who has worked with us in Amboseli will be speaking. If you are anywhere in the area don't miss this lecture. Winnie who is a Kenyan is very knowledgeable, very experienced and a wonderful speaker. Just finishing up her Ph.D. at the University of Kent in the UK, Winnie will present first hand information on the challenges of elephant conservation.

Attending the lecture and participating in the auction supports ATE.

Contact: genny©oaklandzoo.org or 510-632-9525, Ext. 167. See the attachment for further details.

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