The Plight of Africa's Forest Elephants

Fri, 2011-07-01 09:46 by cmoss · Forum/category:

Elephants across Africa are in danger of local extinction. Read this article:

The plight of the forest elephant

Tue, 2011-07-05 00:30 by Donna

is also heartbreaking. They are beautiful animals.

The Plight of Earth's Largest & Most Majestic Animals & the Poor

Mon, 2011-07-04 09:44 by Her Lao

Basically all of the Earth's largest and most majestic animals are slowly disappearing. The earth has a finite capacity for large creatures, including homo sapiens, because larger creatures demand a certain number of acreage, per creature, to survive.

When homo sapiens population shot up from a couple tens of millions (estimated ran between 20-60 million when the Romans started to take over from the Greeks in dominance), to around 1B in the early 1800's, to almost 7B today, it is inevitable that populations of OTHER large animals which need a lot of wide open space and fertile land/oceans, would take an inverse trajectory.

While I try to donate some dollars here and there toward conservation projects, and I admire those who dedicate their entire lives to TRY to understanding large animals and preserve them, I am of the opinion that with the rate of human population growth that we've undergone since the last 200-300 years alone, it is virtually impossible for most large, majestic animals to survive in the wild.

But, unlike some people --- particularly Americans and Europeans --- I don't point fingers at Asians, Africans, or "the poor in the third world."

Americans and Western Europeans populations may have stabilized in the last 80 years, but their apetite for large-scaled, earth-shattering strip-mining, ocean exploitation using super vessels, wasteful/over-consumption have contributed DISPROPORTIONATELY to the world's ecological degredation than poor Natives, since the average Western Europeans waste/consume 5-7 times the average third world person and the average American wastes/consumes 8-10 times as much.

And since these resources didn't all come from Western Europe or America, they must come from the rest of the world.

And that means only one thing: much of the world's poor people and other large animals are being marginalized, to make food, to make room, and to create buffer space as well as to generate energy for rich nations and people.

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