Echo back in Amboseli

Sat, 2007-06-30 09:23 by bntawuasa · Forum/category:

We didn't talk about it much, but we were getting worried: Echo hadn't been seen for nearly 3 weeks. But now she's back in the Park. What a relief!

Some of her EB family members had been spotted, but not the grand old matriarch. And she's such a homebody, usually not venturing more than a few kilometers from the centre of her range which is more or less where the Elephant Research Camp is located. We feared that she might have been hit in the spate of spearing attacks over the past month.

Only four members of her group (EB) were seen first—Ebony, Email, Echeri and Erica—on June 21. According to Katito Sayialel they appeared stressed and streaming from their temporal glands. They rushed straight and joined the AA family at their favourite place, near the Sinet cause-way. After feeding for awhile with the AAs, the four left and they were seen inside the enclosure near Amboseli Lodge.

They four were again seen June 28, still without the other members inside the enclosure surrounding Ol-Tukai and Amboseli Lodge, feeding. They spent the whole day there and moved only to drink from the nearby swamp. In the evening of June 28 the rest of the group with Echo were seen entering the park from west, Kitirua side.

The following day, June 29, they were seen again. This time all the members were there, including Echo. I guess we should all relax now.

Some of us were worried, some not, because Echo rarely disappears to venture outside the park into Tanzania. This time we believe they went to Noompopong in Tanzania, because last year, when they disappeared again, they were seen there.

Good news

Sat, 2007-06-30 17:19 by msowers

It's great to know that Echo and the family are safely back. I hope they continue to stay safe as they venture further out of the park. I almost missed getting to see them because they had been on one of their trips when I was in Amboseli.

Also, if anyone gets the chance to answer this, did Ebony's calf die? I saw that the story didn't list him being with her.

Ebony's calf

Mon, 2007-07-02 16:24 by cmoss

Everyone is fine including Ebony's calf. I was the one who was seriously worried. The last time the EBs stayed away for so long it was when Erin had been wounded and eventually died. They never left her the whole time even though they were way out of their normal range. I thought maybe someone was injured but I guess Echo just wanted to sample some new food in another part of the ecosystem. Neverless, I'm very happy she's back "home".

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