The Cast of Characters

Mon, 2011-07-18 13:05 by Vicki
The AA family en route to the swamp. Gertrude from the GB2 family was unconvinced by me one morning... ...meanwhile this youngster from the EA family was so intent on playing peek-a-boo we never could work out who it was. Beautiful Elkana from the EA family. The GB family in all their glory. The matriarch, Golda, is the one-tusked female on the left of the picture. Annan with her slender up-curved tusks makes the AAs unmistakable even from a distance. It's not always about the females - here Equinox and Vronsky were both in musth and had a serious fight. It was still going on when we had to leave to follow a study family, so I never found out who won. The PA family are not one of my study groups, but here young Pin decided to play "bridge troll" on my way back to camp one evening. She and the other youngsters charged around and made a game of climbing on and off the small bridge. I love her expression. Ann also caught the idea of blocking our route home. Somehow the elephants know to do this when researchers are particularly hungry...

Amboseli is drying out fast after a very poor rainy season in March: although we posted about our excitement at the onset of the first rains, it didn't last. The elephants are still doing fine, although this is a difficult period as they come into increasing conflict with livestock for access to food and water. Nonetheless I've been enjoying spending time with the IFAW study families who are all well. My next blog post is now live, and is an introduction to the families I study.

Here are the images to accompany the story.

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Thankyou for the pictures.

Wed, 2011-07-20 10:26 by Alison1962

What lovely pictures its great to see such a variety, many thanks. Alison x

These are beautiful pictures

Tue, 2011-07-19 12:06 by MargaretJM

These are beautiful pictures of the Amboseli elephants. Thank you for posting, Vicki.

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