Indian Supreme court is the battle ground for Survival of Elephant Corridor versus resort of a Bollywood Star.

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The fate of a key Asian-Elephant migratory corridor in the Southern Indian state of TamilNadu that links the lush Southern Indian Nilgiri forests of the Western Ghats with the forests of the Eastern Ghats is going to be dictated by a case lodged in the Indian Supreme Court by a Bollywood star whose opulent resort, located right in the heart of this corridor, is going to demolished for maintaining the viability of this corridor.

Establishment of this key migratory corridor would mean the world for the Asian elephant herds in this part of Bhaarath (India). If the resort remains, then scores of other resorts owned by some very rich and powerful elite will remain and the Asian elephants here will lose a key battle in their survival.

So far the elephants have won the battle in the lower courts. And now God alone how long the Indian Supreme court will take in delivering its judgement. Therefore, the elephants here need the support of elephant lovers all over the globe.

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Dr. Sivaram Hariharan
(Salutations to the elephant God)