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Regular followers of ATE will know that with the help of KWS, Space for Giants and Savannah Tracking, we recently collared five female elephants from five of the Amboseli elephant families. Although our work is normally totally non-invasive, we took this decision in order to gain more detailed information on the migration routes elephants use within the Amboseli ecosystem. Securing these areas outside the Park, whilst helping to protect local lives and livelihoods is a key priority for ATE this year, as it is only be securing the ecosystem that we secure the future for the elephant population, including the 200 new calves we expect to be born at the end of this year.

The collaring operation was immensely successful, and we have made a short YouTube video of some of the still images taken of Willow, one of our targets, and her family. Willow and her mother Winnie touched the entire team with their loyalty to one another, and show why elephants are to be celebrated, and protected.

Click here to see the full video.

We'd like to thank our expert colleagues once again for their support in making the operation such a success. We look forward to sharing the data the elephant collars generate with our supporters in the future. Sign up to our newsletter, and keep following us on Facebook and here on the ATE site to find out how these "ladies" are doing.

Willow and Winnie

Wed, 2011-08-10 01:11 by Chris Sandusky

Such great news! How old are both of the two lovely females?? And also, is Winona still alive in the WA's??

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