Latest IFAW blog post: Flexibility Brings Success for the GBs

Tue, 2011-08-09 17:48 by Vicki
GarbaTulla getting feisty. I love this image so much, I had to include it in the gallery, although I used it in last month's IFAW post. She got very cross with these impala, who came running into the middle of the family. Gerard lost his mother in 2007 but he seems to be coping well. I think the "gang" of young males in the family keep him well occupied. Gabby is one of the young females who will be very busy "babysitting" when new calves come along in the family at the end of the year. Galana has the youngest calf in the family - her daughter was born in 2010. This little calf is in a fair way to get spoiled by all the attention from Gabby and the other young females in the family. Looking for the GBs one day, we encountered this lovely young male. We couldn't identify him immediately, but he must be from an Amboseli family, because he was so friendly and relaxed, coming right up to say hello Gail leads the GB2 family, and benefits from Golda's greater experience by bringing her family to join Golda and the GBs. One of the areas the GBs like is also a favourite giraffe route Working hard... my preferred spot when elephants are deep in the swamp. The extra elevation really helps!

What a month it's been! ATE has been exceptionally busy with attending the ivory burning at Manyani and our collaring operation. Our core monitoring and research activities also continue of course, and I confess it's good to spend more time with the elephants now these big events are over.

My latest post is an introduction to the GB family, as one of the IFAW study families; click here to go to the post. Here are some of my favourite pictures of the GBs, along with a few pictures from other small field adventures over the last few weeks. There's even a picture of me this time, but I promise that won't be a regular occurrence.

Best wishes to all from me and the Amboseli team,


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Fri, 2011-08-12 16:20 by niall anderson

Thanks, Vicki: the pictures are excellent and the article really brings your work to life. Very interesting, too, to cross-reference your blog against Cynthia's family history.


Tue, 2011-08-09 22:03 by Chris Sandusky

Love the pics Vicki!

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