Thank you

Sat, 2011-11-05 13:05 by DFord · Forum/category:

Hello Amboseli field workers! I am in LOVE with your studies. I love to research elephants and I do ask A LOT of questions on this site! I want to apologize, since I know you guys are very busy. I am not asking a question write now, just a thank you forum! Thanks for everything you do for us(like Elephant Family histories, keeping us up-to-date on stuff, letting us name elephant calves, and helping us if we need help!) Those things I just listed is a SMALL list compared to everything you do! So thank you guys and I am really sorry for asking to many questions. I would like to get to visit you sometime soon, as I plan on coming to Amboseli if I am possibly free one month.

Thank you again! I really appreciate it. Let god bless you in many ways, as I can tell he already has to each and everyone of you, including Cynthia, Vicki, Norah, Soila, etc. My apologizes for asking so many questions!I use to have so many questions for you, but I realized the Family History was going to be published, but I do have only one question. I will not ask it since I have already told you guys that I wouldn't ask one on this website.

I really hope to have a fresh start on this website! I will also appreciate it if we can start over, like a whole new fresh start! :) Thank you guys.