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100_Sun bull

100_Sun bull

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Fri, 2012-01-20 05:06 by hcroze

Let me park links to some of my photos in this blog until I can get around to setting up a special website (at the moment '' brings you here, as some visitors can see). Since many of the images are of elephants and Amboseli, it shouldn't be too much of an intrusion. Thanks for stopping by...

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Karura River Fallen TreeClick here for "What Trees See".

In the same way that a stream is the 'stone's refusal of the water' (as Archibald Macleish put it in his poem What Any Lover Learns), a forest is the trees' acceptance of light.

For the tree, the whole point is getting light, sucking water, absorbing CO2, and using the magic of photosynthesis to make sugars to feed the relentless machinery of making of more trees.

The notion of photosynthesis is on the one hand very simple: sunlight + water + carbon dioxide in the presence of chlorophyll = sugar + oxygen, tree food and people air. But the doing of it is so complex that, we're told, you have to invoke an arcane branch of quantum physics to account for the photon's last leap in the leaf cell.

Be that as it may, while we scratch our heads at the marvel of the tree's tricky quantum food-making with light, we can use our camera to see the woods as a tree might: light and its absence.