The History of the MA Family

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Mariana leading the MAs and WAs

The MA family was first sighted and photographed on March 26, 1975. It appeared to be a small family, and therefore it should have been a simple group to work out, but it never was. There were six members present that first day including two adult females. It was not until six months later that I saw them again and got better photographs of them. Over the next six months and actually up until 1978 I struggled to figure out who belonged to the MA family. The problem was that the MAs were closely bonded to the WAs led by the matriarch Wendy. These two families seemed to be constantly interchanging members. Eventually I decided that there were three adult females in the MA family and I named them Mariana, Mabel and Marcia. Mariana was definitely the matriarch, acting as the leader and defender of the group. I estimated that she was born in 1945. Mabel was the next oldest, but considerably younger than Mariana—I thought she was born around 1957; and Marcia was the youngest, just a teenager, born around 1960.

To read the full history open the attachment.

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I send all my forces to the Ma family

Fri, 2012-02-03 23:57 by echo2009

Thank you for another touching history of another great family. I will pray for Mariana, Mabel, Marcia and all his descendants. Now I have a great doubt. You have said that only two of fifty matriarches of Amboseli survived the drought of 2009. I would like to know those who are these two big fighters to know his life. Thank you and a greeting to all.

They are Barbara of BB and Deborah of DB

Sat, 2012-02-04 02:57 by hge

Although BB lost many adult females during the 2009 draught, Barbara made it. She was born in 1948. Deborah was born in 1952 and the DB did very well through the draught. Both family stories were posted here.

Thank you very much for the response

Sat, 2012-02-04 20:52 by echo2009

I have just discovered Amboseli's web thanks to Echo's documentaries. I am reading a bit every day about the elephants, but I did not know the storie of the families BB and the DB . Just now I will read the history of these two big matriarches who managed to survive the drought of 2009. Again I thank you and send a greeting.


Sun, 2012-02-05 02:27 by hge

Hope you enjoy reading all the family stories. I think they are great stories that were the results of more than 3 decades of hard work.
By the way, Cynthia didn't say there are only 2 of 50 matriarchs of Amboseli survived the 2009 drought, but only 2 of the older matriarchs who were over 50 years old survived the drought. Those are the most experienced and were very dearly to the ATE team (our beloved Echo was one of them). There are many younger matriarchs and I am sure quite some survived. (Tonie of my beloved TA is one of them).

Thank you for the information

Sun, 2012-02-05 22:22 by echo2009

Thank you for the explanation friend. I will be still finding out it brings over of Amboseli's elephants.

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