T families

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How many T families are there? and how big are each family? Do these families reside primarily in Amboseli or do they go into Tanzania?

The T Families

Wed, 2012-05-23 16:41 by Elephant2011

There were four T families in Amboseli, the TA Family, TB Family, TC Family and TD Family. They were once all consistent residents of the Park in the earlier years of the study, but nowadays they can often be found in the other areas such as the Kimana Sanctuary area. These families changed their range after the deaths of the matriarchs (oldest females who lead the family). The leader of the TA family was Torn Ear, the leader of the TB Family was Tania, the leader of the TC family was Slit Ear and the leader of the final family, TD was Teresia. Tania of the TB Family died and with no other females to continue the TB Family no longer exists. The three remaining T families are doing well though. The TA Family is now led by Tonie, the TC family is led by Tabitha and the TD family follow Theodora.


Wed, 2012-05-23 21:36 by Chris Sandusky

Tonie died in 2009 btw

New leadership of the TA Family

Thu, 2012-05-24 19:36 by Elephant2011

If Tonie died in 2009 (at the age of 42, born in 1967), then the leadership of the family is taken by the second oldest female. In this case, Tecla, who at 19 years old is still very young to be an experienced matriarch. According to the report in 2008 in this blog, there was no other female in the TA family even close to Tonie's age, so the TA Family is now under the leadership of Tecla. She is Tuskless's daughter.

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