The History of the OA Family

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Olga in October 1973

I first met the OA family on October 20, 1973 early on in the study when I was working only part-time. They were in a large aggregation of about 100 elephants and about all I could do was photograph as many adult females as possible.

On April 10, 1974, I found a small family of seven females and calves plus one adult male. I recognized two of the females from the photographs I had taken the year before. This time I was able to get more photographs and begin to sort out who was in the family. There was an exceptionally beautiful matriarch and two younger females. The family appeared to consist of the following seven members:

Beautiful Matriarch adult female >35 years old
Calf about one year old
Younger adult female 18-20 years old
Tuskless female calf 3-4 years old
Young female with up-curved tusks 12-13 years old
Immature female 9-10 years old
Immature female 5-6 years old

I designated this family the OAs and named the matriarch Olga and the second adult female Orlanda. However, I did not see them again for over a year. I finally set up a camp and began working nearly full time in the Park in September 1975. One of the groups I found that first month was the OAs. I saw Orlanda in a big group of seventy elephants, but I did not see Olga or any of the others. With Orlanda was a tiny male calf about three months old.

To read the full history of the OA family open the attachment.
(Note: there are no 'N' families. There were two in the early years of the study but both became extinct when their females died.)

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Tue, 2012-05-29 00:55 by Chris Sandusky

Yes, Elephant2011!

It was a great pleasure to have an Obama around.
But sadly, God chose Obama's fate to go to heaven and be with him but we must trut that God is taking good care of Obama and his family, and other elephants.
Obama did die in the 09 drought, as did many other females, males, and other calves.

Olwen's 2008 Calf?

Mon, 2012-05-28 14:42 by Elephant2011

Olwen had a calf in 2008 that was born on November 4th. He was given the name 'Obama', and in the history file of Olwen and her family (OAs) it does not mention about Obam or his fate. On the current structure of the OAs in the document there is no mentioning of Obama.

With this, I can only conclude that Obama was one of the calves who did not make it through the drought that occured in 2009. This is a real loss, as having an elephant named after the great president was fantastic and lossing the animal soon after is devastating. The sad thing is that there will never be another calf having the same name, so the prospect of having an 'Obama in Amboseli' is gone. Nonetheless I am pleased that the OAs (like many of the other families) have produced new calves this year including a new calf to Olwen, a daughter this time!

Luck to the family OA

Sun, 2012-04-29 16:39 by echo2009

I suppose that if the damned drought of 2009 had not taken place, Orlanda, Odette and Olive would be alive nowadays. Still they had a lot of way that to cross, especially Odette and Olive. Maybe, they were affected so much by Orlanda's loss that they did not know where to find food in the time of drought and ultimately, they also succumbed. Also I am sorry very much about the tragic losses of Olga and Opal through the fault of the poachers. Now, I hope that Orabel and Olympia take care well of the family OA and that they keep alive the legacy of Olga and Orlanda.

Thank you very much for another wonderful history offering us, Cynthia. We wait anxious to be able to know to Amboseli's new family. A greeting.

Fantastic Report

Fri, 2012-04-20 15:12 by Elephant2011

The history, which I was anticipating of the OAs, has finally arrived and is great. Thank you so much. I wish all the best for Orabel as she leads the family.

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