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Our 150th calf, born to Zaynab of the ZC family.

Our 150th calf, born to Zaynab of th ...
Zaynab and her new son in the lush g ...

150 calves now in our baby boom!

Fri, 2012-04-27 06:35 by Vicki

We are delighted to hit another landmark in our baby boom. Since the 12th of October, we've now documented 150 births. These calves are thriving, having been born in an above-average rainfall year. It's a delight being around the families, even though the terrain is becoming increasingly water-logged and harder for us to get to the elephants.

The 150th calf we have seen was born to Zaynab of the ZCs. Norah and I found her yesterday, with her brand-new calf, still wobbling along on less-than-perfectly co-ordinated legs. He's a very tall calf, and healthy and curious, despite still being a little unsteady on his feet.

The births aren't over yet; we still have many females who are pregnant. As the elephant families disperse over the ecosystem in response to the rains, we expect some of them to give birth and we look forward to seeing these calves when the families return.

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page (Amboseli Trust for Elephants) for more pictures of the new calves, and how gorgeous Amboseli looks with all the rain.

Best wishes from the ATE team, and thanks to all our supporters.