Interesting change for the HB Family

Tue, 2012-05-01 11:37 by Elephant2011 · Forum/category:

From what I have learned, the HB family had a close bond group with two other families, the BCs and JBs. A bond group is when two or more elephant families associate with each other and move together as one large coordinated clan led by one of the matriarchs of the three or more families involved. The HBs former matriarch, Horatia led the HBs in a coordinated group with the JBs and the BCs. However it was reported that the very beautiful Horatia died in 2002, leaving the leadership of her family under another female, Hazel, her oldest daughter at that time who was probably in her early 40s. However could the change in matriarch affect the bond which these three families had? Horatia's death was felt by the BCs and the JBs as well as her own family, the HBs.

This was back in 2002, and as of today im not sure how these three families relate to each other. The HBs led by Hope and the JBs led by Jemima. Do they still associate with each other as well as with the BCs?

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