Trip of A Life Time!

Thu, 2012-08-09 20:16 by Will Lesley · Forum/category:
Mother elephant from LB Family with 3 calves Female elephant (maybe LB Family) with calf Mother and two calves Same mother with 2 calves Mother and baby

Hello!! I want to thank you guys as I took my wife and 4 kids: Lathrop(12), Ashley(13), Penelope(16), and Alexis(16) and we all loved it!! I love what you guys have done. If you remember, my wife's name is Holley Jameson. She asked about the elephant family we spent time with. You said they were Varina and Vega! Thanks again! I have been to Amboseli 3 times: 2002, 2010, and 2012(this year)!

Well we also saw other elephants, such as the EB Family, and I believe the LB Family (if I'm not mistaken). I posted pictures of the LB Family above. If I made a mistke please correct me but, you guys have done a fabulous job with the park!

It was an amazing trip that me and my family will never forget. I know you might not answer these questions but I would really appreciate it:
Can you amaze us and identify the elephants for us?? Thanks!

We are having a party soon about our trips to Amboseli and would like to know a few of the elephants names to teach 100+ people thats coming.