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To Amboseli Team(I hope your read ALL)-

I really appreciate your work. I have been studying your elephants for 4 years now! (Since 2008). Well I am so gratefull to have you guys. Your work has really grabbbed my interest and created it into something special. I feel really blessed that I can have all my troubles melt away whenever I read upon these elephants. Right now I can identify 760 elephants. I have really researched in my life. I spend 5 hours of my day making family trees or looking over different families.

I am a 12 year old boy living in Alabama. I have read every book by Cynthia Moss. I check on the Amboseli website and ElephantVoices website EVERYDAY of my life since September 13th, 2008. I really admire your work.

Well, just like Mark Sowers, I would like to be an intern at Amboseli. I wouldn't be a bother. I really hope someone will take me as a 'student' for a little whiles to learn about Amboseli elephants. I am really smart and try to apply myself anytime, anyplace and anyway.

I really want to study at your work and would do absolutley ANYTHING, pay ANY fee, or anything to work with you guys. I can fly to Amboseli whenever you need me. I really want my dreams to come true. Like I said, I am 12 years old. I was born November 8, 1999 in Birmingham Alabama. I also spend 5 hours researching these elephants and am aware thats not all the tasks come with. If you please let me work there, I will do whatever it takes. I really hope you people at Amboseli read this as I would do ANYTHING for this job. And if you guys need anybody, I can work there. I know I'm 12 but act like I'm 17. Im really responsible.


If you have any uestions, respond to this or email me at:

I check my emails everyday. I would like to be taken as a student by anybody who works there:

Dr. Cynthia Moss
Soila Syaialel
Norah Njiriani
Phyllis Lee
Keith Lindsay
Joyce Poole
or whoever else needs somebody, just holler at me.
I'll do whatever it takes. Promise

Its my life-long ambition. You guys know how it feels to love elephants and want to protect them. So do I. If you please allow me to be an aassociate for a little while, I'll do an amazing job. I have been ingterested in elephants since age 2. I have many elephant pictures including a photo painted specially for me by Betsy Fowler, Jim Fowler's wife, the guy that hosts "Wild Kingdom."
I collect elephant antiques. I spend my weekly allowence on anything elephant related.
I also love animals. I have right now: 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 rats, 2 guinea pigs, 1 hamster, 2 birds, and 4 really rare piranhas.
I really want this job. Please Amboseli. Do you guys have atleast one more room for a new, young, willing to learn person that will do whatever it takes??
Just please give me one chance. It won't hurt. I promise. I really want to work with you guys. Your a serious role model for me.

Chris Sandusky
Age 12
Birmingham, AL


Thu, 2012-08-16 20:19 by Chris Sandusky

Thank you guys both for the information and the nice things you sad.I am going to study either Zoology or Biology. Either one, I hope it gets me to Amboseli!!

Don't Quit

Wed, 2012-08-15 19:07 by Shuger66

I really enjoyed reading your passioned plea to help with the research in Amboseli Chris! And I appreciate Hans' suggestions to continue getting good grades in school so that you can continue with a university degree. If you cannot join the researchers now, then perhaps you can channel your energies into doing exactly what you need to do to prepare yourself to become a researcher in the field. I just finished a masters degree in social work and believe me it takes time, dedication, and perseverance to make your dreams come true. After I finished the degree I went to Amboseli and was able to meet with Vicki and I was taking pictures of Amboseli elephants within minutes of landing, it was incredible and I'm going back, no doubt about it.

I think your excitement and passion needs to continue to be nourished so please, never give up on making it happen, no matter what it looks like. I wish you all the best fellow ele-lover! Who knows, maybe a 12 year old student will one day send a letter to you asking for the exact same thing.


Age and nationality

Sun, 2012-08-12 09:44 by Hans

As far as I know there are minimum age and nationality limitations for research assistants. You would have to be Kenyan.

The only other way to work here is to become a scientist, a biologist in this case. I would recommend that you try that. Finish school with good enough grades to go to university, which is a good idea anyway in my view, and study a suitable biology topic.

Even that is no guarantee, as only a few researchers can do research here, but if everything worked out well, you would have a chance.

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