The QB Family Pays the Price for Ivory

Wed, 2012-10-31 10:15 by Vicki
Qumquat, born in 1969, loved by Amboseli researchers for four decades, gunned down for her ivory. Her family have lost their leader. Qumquat was the first female to give birth in our baby boom. Her daughter was found next to her mother's carcass; we rescued her with the help of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, who will care for her. She is traumatised. This is Qumquat's daughter, born in 1999. She had just given birth to her first calf, a son, who is missing. He is only 6 months old. If we cannot find him and get him to the Sheldrick's orphanage, he will certainly die. This is Quaye, Qumquat's other daughter. She was only 10.

Devastating news from Amboseli. One of our best-loved big matriarchs, Qumquat, was slaughtered by poachers, along with her two young daughters, very close to the border of the Park. Qumquat's youngest daughter was found alongside the carcasses, and we rescued her yesterday with the help of David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. She is lucky to be cared for by the expert team at Sheldrick's but she has been through a terrible ordeal. Qumquat's 6-month-old grandson is missing. Apologies for these upsetting images; this is the cruel and bloody reality of the ivory trade. Here is a link to a video.