Maasai Olympics

Sat, 2012-12-15 18:23 by cmoss
MaasaiOlympics2012 MaasaiOlympics2012

We are very excited to be supporting a wonderful initiative in the Amboseli ecosystem, which will take place on 22 December. The final games resulting from many smaller games at the group ranch level will be held at Kimana. Warriors from four ranches will be participating in running, jumping, rungu throwing, javelin, etc. There will be grand prizes in each category. The guest of honor will be David Rudisha, record-breaking winner of the 800 metres at this year's London Olympics.

The games are a way to encourage the young men to compete and excel in ways that are compatible with conservation.

I highly recommend attending this unique event. It's an easy drive from Nairobi now that the road is paved all the way.

See attachment for details.

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