The History of the UA Family

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Ursula in October 1973

I first met the UA family on October 1973. I was still only working part-time in Amboseli at the time, and for a year I had been stealing time away from other work in Nairobi to drive down to the Park and begin to get to know the elephants. The first time I saw the family, I was struck by a big, beautiful matriarch who was in a large group of almost 100 elephants. They were at the edge of Ol Tukai Orok, the palm woodlands where I would eventually establish the elephant research camp. I took photos of this female and others. I estimated the big female to be about 40 years old.

Two months later I found the same large female with a tiny calf in a small group of seven elephants south of the Longinye swamp. As well as the new calf, a female in her thirties and a much younger female of about nine years old accompanied her. There were also three male calves with the family around four, six and eight years old. It seemed that the four and eight year olds were the sons of the big female but I did not know where the six-year-old male fit in.

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