Fourth Anniversary of Echo's Death

Fri, 2013-05-03 06:51 by cmoss
Echo and Ely in 1994

Today, May 3, 2013 is the fourth anniversary of Echo’s death. She was probably the best-known wild elephant in the world, but for us in Amboseli she was almost a daily presence, frequently feeding and resting with her family in and around our research camp. We still miss Echo, but we are very happy to report that her family is thriving.

Since her death the EBs have gone through some changes. With the family at 45 strong, it’s not surprising that it breaks down into sub-groups from time to time. Ella plus her 10 are often on their own and sometimes Eudora and her five go with her. Edwina with her daughters and their offspring now number eight and they can be independent. Finally all the rest of the family including Echo’s five daughters and her grandchildren and great grandchildren make up yet another grouping. Enid is the leader of this section. All these sub-groups combine and recombine in different permutations. They are still considered one family.

The EBs contributed enthusiastically to the baby boom with 12 calves: three born in late 2011, seven in 2012 and two so far in 2013. Both the calves born in 2013 have first-time mothers. Echo’s daughter Emily Kate had a son and Edwina’s daughter Elaine produced a great great granddaughter for Echo.