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Amboseli Trust for Elephants

The Amboseli Elephant Research Project is the longest study of wild elephants in the world. We work to understand the lives and ensure the future of 1,500 elephants in the Amboseli ecosystem fed by the waters of Kilimanjaro.

The History of the DA, DB and DC Families

Sat, 2010-12-18 18:48 by cmoss · Forum/category:
Delia in October 1973

The ‘D’ females and the families they make up have always been something of a mystery. In fact, the Ds have a history of doing things elephants are “not supposed to do". In the beginning the Ds were thought to be one family. What was eventually designated the DA family was photographed on the very first day of the study on September 1, 1972. Two adult females were present: a large old matriarch whom we named Dorothy and a much younger female we called Dinah. The next time this family was seen on August 4, 1973 there was a third adult female present and she was photographed and named Delia.

Kenya Elephant Forum Retreat

Mon, 2010-12-13 09:42 by hcroze

A group of concerned elephant-friendly NGOs (non-governmental organizations), comprising members of the Kenya Elephant Forum (KEF) met for a two-day retreat at the Elsamere Conservation Centre on the shores of Lake Naivasha during the last week of November.

The purpose was to devise strategic actions to ensure continued international attention to the threat to African elephants from growing human populations and the demand for ivory fueling the recent upsurge in poaching.

**Breaking News**

Fri, 2010-11-26 08:14 by cmoss

Two poachers were shot dead yesterday just south of Amboseli National Park by a Kenya Wildlife Service anti-poaching team. A high-caliber rifle was recovered. A third man was injured but escaped along with one or two others. They are being tracked by both Kenyan and Tanzanian authorities.

It is very disturbing that people are dying in this battle to protect elephants, and we wish that it hadn't come to this, but people with weapons roaming around near a National Park full of tourists is a major security issue as well as a conservation issue.

B.E.A.D.S. for the people and the elephants...

Mon, 2010-11-22 18:19 by hcroze · Forum/category:
beads u.s.a. logo

Cynthia Moss has joined the BEADS Board of Directors.

BEADS – Beads for Education, Advancement, Development and Success – steers the talents of young Maasai women towards productive and fulfilling enterprise.

Winning Name for Erica's Calf

Wed, 2010-11-17 16:32 by cmoss

At the same time that this blog is being posted I have sent out ATE's November e-newsletter, so everyone will get the results at the same time.

The History of the CB Family

Wed, 2010-11-17 12:11 by cmoss · Forum/category:
Calandre, DroopyEars, Christina 1973

I first met the CB family on October 20, 1973. They were in a large aggregation of over 100 animals and all I could do was just photograph individuals. It took many more sightings over the next two years to begin to sort out who made up the family. In fact I did not see the family again until March 1975, but from that point on I began to see them regularly.

Another Way to Support the ATE!

Tue, 2010-11-16 22:09 by Iluvelephants · Forum/category:

Recently The Oakland Zoo, a supporter of the ATE, began an on line photo store 25% of the proceeds goes to help fund such animal conservation efforts please if you are going to create a photo product please check this out!

How we Name Elephant Calves

Mon, 2010-11-15 07:35 by cmoss · Forum/category:
Arden: named at 4 years old

From the very beginning of the Amboseli Elephant Research Project we had a system of naming. As we took identification photos, sorted out the members, and got to know the various families we assigned each a letter of the alphabet and then everyone in that family was given names starting with that letter. We did this as an aide memoire and it certainly did help. Eventually when we had reached 27 families and the letter ‘X’ we had to start going through the alphabet for the second time, the A family became the AAs, the second A family became the ABs.

Touring the U.S.?

Tue, 2010-11-02 07:45 by Troyster · Forum/category:

Is Cynthia Moss planning to come to the United States at all to give lectures/presentations promoting the ATE? If so, when and where would she be speaking?

Last Day to Enter a Name for Erica's Calf

Sun, 2010-10-31 07:35 by cmoss

It's the October 31, the last day to submit a name for Erica's calf. So far I have 57 names, all of which are excellent possibilities. We're going to have a very hard time choosing the winner.