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Amboseli Trust for Elephants

The Amboseli Elephant Research Project is the longest study of wild elephants in the world. We work to understand the lives and ensure the future of 1,500 elephants in the Amboseli ecosystem fed by the waters of Kilimanjaro.

Indian Supreme court is the battle ground for Survival of Elephant Corridor versus resort of a Bollywood Star.

Thu, 2011-07-21 03:49 by sivaram · Forum/category:

The fate of a key Asian-Elephant migratory corridor in the Southern Indian state of TamilNadu that links the lush Southern Indian Nilgiri forests of the Western Ghats with the forests of the Eastern Ghats is going to be dictated by a case lodged in the Indian Supreme Court by a Bollywood star whose opulent resort, located right in the heart of this corridor, is going to demolished for maintaining the viability of this corridor.

The Cast of Characters

Mon, 2011-07-18 13:05 by Vicki
The AA family en route to the swamp. Gertrude from the GB2 family was unconvinced by me one morning...

Amboseli is drying out fast after a very poor rainy season in March: although we posted about our excitement at the onset of the first rains, it didn't last. The elephants are still doing fine, although this is a difficult period as they come into increasing conflict with livestock for access to food and water. Nonetheless I've been enjoying spending time with the IFAW study families who are all well. My next blog post is now live, and is an introduction to the families I study.

Today in Pictures - Zelig in Musth

Thu, 2011-07-07 17:04 by bntawuasa
Zelig on the road, he came and walked right next to the car close-up

NAME: Zelig
CODE: 0365
DOB: 1982
AGE: 29

Vanity Fair Article - Agony and Ivory

Wed, 2011-07-06 20:13 by cmoss

In the August issue of Vanity Fair, which is on the newsstands now, there is a disturbing and very revealing article on the poaching of elephants in Africa. I urge you all to read it. Attached below is a PDF of the article.

The Plight of Africa's Forest Elephants

Fri, 2011-07-01 09:46 by cmoss · Forum/category:

Elephants across Africa are in danger of local extinction. Read this article:

Scout support

Sun, 2011-06-26 04:17 by Nigel · Forum/category:

I just pledged the $1800 for the 12 months so 1 is covered

The History of the IA/IC Family

Thu, 2011-06-23 14:29 by cmoss · Forum/category:

The combined IA/IC family has an unusual history. In Amboseli family composition is generally fairly straightforward. All the adult females are related: they are mother and daughter; grandmother and granddaughter; aunt and niece; or sisters or cousins. There are a few interesting exceptions and this family is one of those.

2011 Newborn Elephant Calf

Wed, 2011-06-15 13:21 by ssayialel
Freya on the left, her first born male Fabrice and Flickr on the right bunching together protecting the new born Newborn trying to suckle from allomother Flickr

I am proud to announce that we have finally recorded our first successful Elephant birth of 2011 after a stillbirth that was witnessed by Katito and Graeme in a previous post. Our records show the last birth dates back seven months ago. This high decline in birth rate correlates with the 2009 drought when few female elephants came into estrus. Elephant breeding patterns are mostly determined by the availability of food, and they may conceive in response to a good rainfall period, resulting in an increased birth number 21 – 23 months later.

Why Matriarchs Matter

Thu, 2011-06-09 13:27 by Vicki
Alison, matriarch of the AAs, isn't the strongest matriarch, and the AAs are not very cohesive as a family. We're still fond of her though, and I love this picture Cynthia took of her with her daughters. Matriarchs decide when to associate with other families - here members of the AAs greet some of the JAs.

Hi everyone,

Here is the new image gallery for the latest post on my IFAW blog, about why matriarchs are so important in elephant society.

I'd like to encourage people to check out the excellent work IFAW is doing for elephant conservation across Africa and Asia, and especially Azzedine Downes' recent post on the Elephant E8 meeting. As Cynthia posted on our Facebook page, ATE are very pleased to be working with our IFAW colleagues, and thankful for their generous support of our work.

Articles about Amboseli and our Work in the British Press

Mon, 2011-06-06 07:48 by cmoss

Two more articles about our new book have appeared in the British press. They describe some of the findings from The Amboseli Elephants: A Long-Term Perspective on a Long-Lived Mammal. One was in the London Sunday Times and the other in the Daily Mail. You can read the Daily Mail direct, but the Sunday Times requires a subscription. I have attached PDF files of both articles.